The Arsenal

Building your own "Bliss Arsenal"

Here we list all our favorite tools (toys) of the trade to "bring bliss" to yours and others' lives. Expect the list to be constantly changing as we progress in our journeys throughout the various lifestyles.

(More coming soon)


My Celebrator Vibratorcelebrator

Want a guaranteed orgasm and not waste any more money on products that fail to give exploding pleasures? My "Celebrator" vibrator, is my all time favorite personal toy to tease and provoke delicious clitoral orgasms. I nicknamed my vibrating Celebrator, "Nina" , named after a special sexy girlfriend who introduced me to her "Celebrator" . Every lucky girl who meets "Nina", is 100% satisfied with the magical osculating sensations.  I don't leave home without my "My Celebrator" and either should you!

Hitachi Magic Wand

The "Hitachi" (and its various clones) has become the classic workhorse of the vibrators.  If you absolutely, positively, really need to get somebody off, this is the tool for you.  It's a heavy-duty tool (with a wall-plug) that can work on both women and men.  It's also popular in the BDSM arena for forced orgasm play.



Twisted Monk Hemp Ropetwistedmonkrope

For many "Twisted Monk" is the gold standard for bondage rope. It's not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, which is an all-natural, hand-treated product that can last for a long time.  Personally, I like monk's rope because of the smell, the feel and the tensile behavior.   It doesn't stretch, knots stay in place.  When you suspend somebody, you don't get the unwanted "bounce" effect.  But my favorite feature is that it transmits vibrations well throughout it length.  I'll leave it to the imagination what one can do with a vibrator stuck in a rope harness. Before you ask: No, you can't smoke it.  🙂   - Jon


Get some bondage tapeBondage tape

In a hurry?  Don't feel like learning knots?  Bondage tape is a great way to get started with the fun of tying people up.  The tape only sticks to itself, not on skin or anything else, so it is impossible to mess up.  Just tie them around the parts you want bound, tear off and you are set! In a pinch you can even make a sexy outfit, using nothing but tape.


In a pinch you always use a scarf, tie or towel, but if you planning a real session,  you want to bring in the good gear.  You want it padded, with room for the eyes to move. You also want it to look good.


The 10th Annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween BallViolet wand

One of our absolute favorite toy is the "violet wand". They are used for the application of low current, high voltage  high-frequency electricity to the body. The "direct" usage uses glass electrodes plugged directly into the the device, which are then run over the body.   In "indirect mode", either the operator or the subject is connected with a "contact" pad.  In this mode, either person can use any body part on the other person to give electrical stimulation which is various levels of awesome.   We found the toy to be a great party-starter: the sparks and electrodes light up, the crackling noise, the smell of ozone and the infinite options to accessorize to create different sensations are impossible to ignore.

Recently, a "little brother" version has been released, which is less powerful, but easier to handle and way more budget friendly, called the "neon wand".  This device is recommended for beginners, as it is also a bit safer.

Warning: Some less scrupulous vendors will try to sell a neon wand as a "violet wand".  They are not the same.  Make sure to buy from reputable vendors and investigate what exactly you are buying.