Although BDSM play is not new to me, I have never given up control to complete strangers, and have never participated in a public scene. But when I poked my head in the dungeon, there was something about the friendliness and openness of you, Jon and your Canadian friends that caused me to accept the offer of "free spankings". I thought I would get a few swats, but suddenly I found myself in your arms, being cuffed to the cross.

Even though we just met, I felt safe and respected, with a connection that was strange, because we just met, but felt completely comfortable submitting to you. You understood the sensuality of pain - it was not just about causing pain with the floggers but also about overwhelming my senses with your sensual approach. The lightest touch sent electricity through my body. The smell of the leather and the touch of the gloves with the pinpricks made my knees buckle. And once Jon joined us, I was lost. I did not want it to end!

My husband and I play in a similar style, but did not expect to meet others in the swinging community with a similar mindset and approach to blending pleasure and pain. We are new to the swinging with strangers thing, as well as playing in public, and our first impressions of the swinging community is that it is not as kinky, experimental and passionate as we are. Then we met you and your Bliss Bringers friends. After reading the blog and checking out the podcasts, we realize that we not alone - there are others who see this as far more than a chance to switch partners but rather have wonderful adventures together exploring our sexuality, who view sex as fun, who want to experiment, and who enjoy the power dynamic of BDSM without worrying about labels.

Great mix of content It is a real pleasure listening to this podcast. They bring a wealth of experience and diversity not only to swinging or BDSM but to anyone who is sex positive and interested in expanding their knowledge.


Learning Can Be a Pleasure I first learned of the Bliss Bringers through their guest appearance on another podcast, and we have been spending our time catching up! This show is educational, yet enticing. Informative, yet provocative. The more you listen, the more you will feel like they are your friends. I like how they take positive topics and reveal how they fit into your real life. The lifestyle is not something to just save for Friday night . . . live it, and the Bliss Bringers can bring more pleasure to your every day.


So Glad We Found This! This has become our favorite sex positive podcast by far. We love how they cover a wide variety of events by going "on the road" and not just remaining another always in the studio show. Plus, we've grown very fond of hearing what new toy/technique/item etc. they're testing in the lab.


Love this! Honest and fun discussions about the Swinging Lifestyle with a little BDSM too. The four hosts are an entertaining mix of personalities and perspectives. I'm looking forward to more scintillating podcasts!


Great New Addition! This is a great new show about experiences in the Lifestyle. A two-couple approach brings more experiences, thoughts and opinions on Lifestyle events and how-to's. Well done and keep it up!

Lifestyle Out Loud

Great podcast! We love this podcast! Interesting, funny and sexy!


Check out this new podcast on the scene about sex, kink and "The Lifestyle". We enjoyed it thoroughly and now subscribe for updates. They are the real deal sharing what some of us only dream or fantasize about!


How did I miss this fun?I am a lover of podcasts.. and I have NO IDEA how this one slipped by. I love their topics but more so I LOVE their drive by interviews where they ask questions of random ppl. Only heard a few but this is going to be a regular for me!


Refreshing! A refreshing new look on the subject. No-hold-barred talk but still informative. Just wanted to say that I love listening to your Bliss Bringers podcast - it's great to listen to at work, especially with no one having any idea what's going on in my earbuds 🙂

This is 1/2 of "Philadelphia young couple" <3 your podcast and your @CatalystCon party was unbelievably fun & sexy! Thanks.

Grace Love [email protected]

Things I learned at #ccon: the @BlissBringers know how to throw a fucking party

Cooper Swingset [email protected]

This guy spanked my friend last year...it changed her life

We count ourselves lucky to have met you and to get newbie advice from you.

Mr. Goody 2 Shoes [email protected]

Who doesn't wish they could stop time and have a moment of sheer, unadulterated, peaceful bliss? How would I ever have known such an experience was possible if I hadn't met the Reverend Jon. His impish charms, seductive boyish grin, and mind halting powerful touch is better than any drug you could imagine. Enamored with his vampire like charms and 50 shades of amazing experiences, I am lucky to call him a friend and teacher who has shown me a journey I didn't know existed.

Mrs. Puppy

We're a bit late to the party, as usual, but love the podcast. After some LS friends also began listening, we had a most interesting conversation. We'd known them strictly as swingers, and had a decent but not spectacular chemistry, but when we mentioned our interest in getting a flogger (after hearing one of the BB episodes) they said, "oh yeah we got a flogger." Happy to say a friendship was, you might say, reborn.

You guys managed to bring together elements of both swinging & BDSM, from the start, but probably with episode 4 and the interview with Mister Bill, a new vocabulary took shape, and it was just more vital than the swinger stuff. It was like sex, but with mind value & imagination added. And by episode 6, women's voices were painting the contours of Dom-Subbery, and then 8 & 9 brought the whole convention/vendor/community scene to light. We're just NorCal hippie enough to love the Stealthy Diva Sacred Sexuality bits, but it was the "Evil Girls" down under who articulated the whole state of mind & power/surrender aspect best of all. Then just last night, episode 24 -- Fetish & Fantasy -- had terrific interviews/sound bites that captured the dynamic mind-body, pleasure-pain, blast off thing.

Everyone finds their place, right? A bunch of our best friends we met in the LS., but it was getting a little boring, too predictable, even when the sex was good. So that's us right now. Peeling off layers of things -- besides our clothes -- even after years in the LS. Cause the LS can be a little repressed, you know? Weirdly so. That was always a bit disappointing. Like we wanted to say at times, c'mon everyone, this is supposed to be fun, we can actually talk about this, so get over your shit! The BDSM folks on your show, whatever their particular fetish or scene, do NOT seem repressed, they do like to talk, and they seem like they're having FUN 🙂

Sorry for the long-winded review/fan mail/confession (you guys must be therapists, lol). Watching you guys run a dungeon would be better than front row seats at Hamilton.

C & J

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