About Bliss Bringers

We’re four kooky (and kinky) fun-lovers who have found our bliss.

Each of us lives in an ethically non-monogamous committed marriage. We enjoy sexual freedom, profound and special friendships, and enhanced sensual experiences as we live in the swinger/BDSM lifestyle.  Our encounters with others have deepened the intimacy in our marriages beyond what we ever could have imagined.

Let us inspire you to find your own bliss--in a couple or as a single, monogamous or open, no matter what your sexual orientation or gender identity-- by sharing our adventures of discovery and passion.

We desire to entice you to try new things (whether with your monogamous partner or in a more open arrangement). Learn to experiment, keep it fresh, and have fun. Discover your own brand of sexy hot times, as we have discovered ours.

Allow us to seduce you into embarking on new erotic adventures, where each day you let the question “What’s your pleasure?“ be your guide.

The Cast

Jon, Villain/Reverend

A geeky European, with dimples and wicked sense of humor.  Gets off on watching bliss or confusion in a person's eyes.  Has strong opinions and has been known to use them on the unsuspecting populace.  Ordained minister. Certified villain. Founder of "Bliss Bringers" podcast. Educator of perversions.


  • Doing geeky things with hardware and software
  • Creating havoc
  • Spanking, flogging and zapping people
  • Tying people up

Trained with: Midori, Twisted Monk, Miss Jenevieve (Australian "Evil girls"), Danarama ("Two Knotty Boys").
Performed at: Dragon's Gate (LA), Fetish & Fantasy (Las Vegas), Burning Man, Upper floor (SF), Valentines in Niagara, Catalystcon (LA), Naughty in Nawlins and various private parties & events.

Mrs. Puppy

(Also known as “Pet”), is a bodacious brunette who loves life and making others laugh. She is easily the center of attention with her friendly and charming demeanor. She loves to draw people into exploring their kinky side, especially when she gets to top along the side of Rev. Jon.

Don’t let the collar fool you! She is feisty and tenacious and exudes persuasive and alluring energy to get exactly what she wants.


  • Empathic Energy Worker
  • Making others feel at ease
  • Amazing cook (spaghetti to die for)
  • Intuitive play, especially with the wand

Tea, Professor

A Canadian sex positive feminist professor living a kinky swinger lifestyle with her perfect partner, The Captain.  She loves to write and talk about the lifestyle, share her experiences and learn about the experiences of others.  Professor Tea is always game for new adventures, and loves the idea of bringing others to this life of bliss. Role models:  Susie Bright, Midori, Tristan Taorimo, Nina Hartley.


  • Writing
  • Actually having a clue about spelling & grammar
  • Expressing what she wants, down to the last millimeter
  • Flogging
  • "The Queen's walk," as taught by Midori. Look out!

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