54: Tantra in Nawlins


Part 2 of our Naughty in Nawlins visit:

We interviewed Organic Loven and a bunch of visitors, each with their own vision on swinging, kink and sexuality, and close it up by dragging the couple from "Ecstatic Hearts" into our bed for interview on tantra, sacred sexuality, and improving and extending your orgasms thru specific techniques and vocalisations.

Want to join in the fun at NiN?  Make sure to grab your room before they sell out!


14: Stealthy Diva, Sacred Sexuality, a Touch of Magic, and More 15-Minute O


sacred sexualityStealthy Diva tells us about some secrets of sacred sexuality and sexual healing.  Moving orgiastic energy through the body brings us back to Claudia's "A touch of magic" mind-altering massage in Cancun. The Luscious Lab makes a 15-minute O breakthrough that makes it even better! And we talk about Catalyst Con (we are going!).


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