Review & Interview Policy


We are constantly looking for interesting people to talk to.  If you have a good story that might interest our audience, let's hear the pitch.

We can do interviews in-person in the San Francisco area (or events were we happen to be) or via our usual remote interview setup.


Our team does reviews of books, events, products (including toys), websites, films and performances.It should go without saying that we require the review to have some relevance for our audience.

Contact us to inquire about us doing a review. We may also be interested in interviews with creators and organizers in conjunction with our review.


Authors & publishers : If you would like to send us a book to review, email us with a synopsis of the book. We may participate in blog tours, post guest posts, and/or hold giveaways in conjunction with reading and reviewing the promoted book.

Preferred genres: Swinging, BDSM, Fetish, polyamory, sexuality ,  erotic fantasy

By accepting a review copy of a book, we do not guarantee that we’ll finish it or that we’ll review it. If we do finish the book, we’ll review it honestly on this air. We may or may not read and review unsolicited books.

If possible, submit books in Kindle e-book format.  PDF can also be acceptable.  We'd rather not kill trees unnecessarily.


We are always interested in trying out new and exciting products.  Please contact us beforehand with a description and we will supply the postal mailing details.

Unless specified in advance, any reviewed products will not be returned.  Depending on the product type we may choose to keep or recycle it, or use it in a give-away.

Promotional products

We welcome product give-aways for our listeners.  This is an excellent way to promote your products to a highly targetted audience.  Contact us for details.


We will do our best  all submissions in a timely manner. However, due to time constraints and an exceptionally busy schedule, it may take days to months for a review to be posted.  Unless previously agree upon, we offer no guarantees of release date.


While we may accept free copies, samples or passes, we do not accept monetary compensation for our reviews. We may  promote products via an affiliate link or comparable system.  For more information on this, please review our legal disclosures.