27: Swing Train, Gang-bangs and voicemail


Tangerines-DreamWe talk about "Ladies Choice" gang-bangs and the infamous "Swing train" with Brian and Tange from "Tangerines Dream".  They explain the secrets of running a fun sex party for everyone, for the newbies by making them feel comfortable.  We debate exactly how many people are needed for an "airtight".  Jon says 4, Tange has it at 6.

 We got listener questions  from Q&F, who call in to show their love for the "Neon Wand" that they got from our sponsor The Stockroom, from the infamous Miss Penzer and a from a swinging massage therapist.

This weeks recommended podcast is "The Fetish Show", which discusses sexuality and kink (Hmmm... sounds familiar 🙂 )

If you would like to read how its like from a woman's point of view to attend a gang-bang, please check out the excellent erotica article by Nemera.

The good slut

OnbedI’m nervous. Tiff called and told me to be ready for dinner and “a surprise”. A car will pick me up at 6:00 tonight.

No big deal, right?

Well, then she texted me a VERY specific list of what I’m to wear…
• Sheer black stockings
• Black lace garter belt (good thing I had one!)
• Black heels
• “The dress and accessories that will be delivered this afternoon” (I’m thinking WTF???!?)
• You will NOT wear a bra.

So, I don’t think she’s planning a playdate for us, but I could be wrong. Why such specific instructions on how to dress if not?

I go about my day, but I’m distracted. I can hardly focus on work. While on a call with my boss, the doorbell rings. I answer the door and my jaw drops. There is a delivery man at my door. He’s holding an expensive-looking garment bag with a small gift bag hanging around the hanger.

Once I gather my wits, I excuse myself from the call for a moment and accept the package. There’s a card that says “Do not open until 5pm. Period.”

Now, I really can’t focus. Thankfully, it’s almost 5, so not much longer to wait.

I finish my work, shut down my link to work, and head for the bedroom.

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Hood of Dominance

Sex on hood of carWhat can I say? I’m always in charge…CEO of my corporation, President of the Neighborhood Watch...you get the drift. What do I do at night? Or when I’m not working?

I’m a dominatrix. Yes, you read that right. A dominatrix. My husband, Todd, goes gaga for it. AND he encourages me to have clients!

Today, however, I’m beat and not in the mood to dominate. I’ve just left the most grueling meeting in my career. I had to fire over half of my executives. Needless to say, Security will be busy for the next week. And my HR staff will be busy helping me fill those vacancies.

At lunch, Todd called, telling me that he had something special in mind for us tonight. When he says “something special”, he usually means I’m putting on the “uniform” and he’s being a submissive.

Let me tell you, though. I’m NOT in the mood. How do I break it to him? I’ve been trying to call him since I left the office…he’s not answering his cell or the home phone. I guess I’ll just have to lay down the law…or claim a headache (which isn’t a lie!).

I’m pulling onto our street. I can see the lights on in the front room as I pull into the driveway.
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