21: International Swingers Month at Desire


International Swingers MonthWhen we found out that our favorite resort, Desire Cancun is doing an “international swingers month“, we had to find out more! We called up Mario, who organized it, to get all the details.

We love Desire Resorts Cancun because of the terrific atmosphere they create for everybody in the swingers lifestyle (or the just curious).  From newbie to veteran, everybody is welcomed.


Desire Resort & Spa is a unique couples only resort, the first and only of its kind in Mexico, that located on Cancun’s Riviera Maya, will surround you with amazing landscaping and a deliciously erotic atmosphere to unleash your imagination and stimulate your senses. A place of freedom where fantasies become real, a place to abandon inhibitions and truly be you. Imagine sharing this paradise with like-minded couples who also seek a sensuous, clothing optional upscale venue or an adventurous lifestyle experience.

Check out the Desire website for information on other events, like “threesome month”.

Also see our previous episodes on Desire.

2: Baring it all


Desire NudismIn this episode:

  • Professor Tea and the captain take us back in time, to the first report of their "Nude resort trip" in a more "prudish" era.  She talks first-hand about the visit to "Desire Cancun Mexico", a resort for nudists and swingers alike.  We visit the fear and excitement behind this first-time adventure, and how one comes to deal with body-image issues and the swinger scene.
  • SinD and Jon report about their "Candy's" adventure, a local swing club.
  • News about Midori's art exhibition.
  • Experiments with blowjobs.

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Reporting back from Desire

(Yes, this post is long overdue.  Life happens)

We just returned from a fabulous time at Desire Cancun, and I absolutely need to pass on the advise and observations.


  1. Talk to everybody you meet.  Yes, everybody.  This is the single best thing you can do.  Yes, that includes people that are not your type.
  2. Start early.  When you arrive, drop off the bags in the room chug down a water from the fridge.  Go to the hot-tub area, strip and dive in.  Order a drink.  See also: Step 1.
  3. Don't drink too much.   Really.  Alcohol should be a tool, not destination.
  4. If you really want alcohol, order wine.   The rest of the alcoholic drinks are watered down; That's not "being cheap", that's "looking out for you".  Believe me.
  5. Book a massage by Claudia. People almost get into fights to get an appointment, so book early.
  6.  Regardless of the outfit, there should always be a spot for an "emergency condom".
  7. Never run when you’re scared.
  8. Sunscreen.  Always.
  9. Never turn down body shots.
  10. Bring a small flashlight to the playroom.


I can testify on each of these:

She's already out there hitting on people on she doesn't yet have my cum out of her mouth! What a trooper!

There is a market for alcohol free vegan body shots.

How do vegans give blowjobs? Does it count as animal product?

 No, we are not married.   Well, yes, we are, but not to each-other.   Theses and these are together.  Sorry about the confusion.

Wait: You are selling leather artwork here, but you didn't bring the chaps.  Didn't they tell you beforehand what kind of place this is?

(To a newbie couple) "An orgy is just like that threesome, just with more people"

Excuse me, this bed has a 2 orgasm minimum.

We're baaaaaaack! - What I learned at Desire.

So, the holidays have come and gone. Honeymoon travel is done for now (honeymoon is never over 🙂 ).

And yes, Desire was a lot of fun.

Here's what we learned at Desire: (in no particular order)

  • It's nearly impossible to judge somebody's age accurately. Even when seeing them naked.
  • Age doesn't really matter.
  • It is possible to get "pole burn" if you are not very careful
  • Everybody plays. From fashion models, to firemen to russian mobsters.
  • Ciallis really works
  • It's perfectly OK to grope your (potential) future employer's wife during a job interview
  • Mexicans freak out when they see a guy dressed as a playboy bunny
  • Even experienced swingers get confused when talking to a pair of couples on a dinner date. "No, these two are from Canada, we are from California".
  • Champagne body-shots are awesome!
  • Some republicans do swing. Pretty well actually.
  • No woman, no matter how hot, can resist groping a guy in a skirt.
  • Some clitorial piercings are like "Guitar Hero": Wiggle the wammy bar just right and you hear an awesome noise
  • Rubbing bodies together while glistering with massage oil is hot
  • Fake boobies, when well done, can feel like the real thing
  • Fake boobies, when done badly, can look scary
  • Some of those glowing neon bracelets can double as a fancy cock-ring
  • We really need to put name and address labels on our toys

What about you? Got any life lessons to add?