We're baaaaaaack! - What I learned at Desire.

So, the holidays have come and gone. Honeymoon travel is done for now (honeymoon is never over 🙂 ).

And yes, Desire was a lot of fun.

Here's what we learned at Desire: (in no particular order)

  • It's nearly impossible to judge somebody's age accurately. Even when seeing them naked.
  • Age doesn't really matter.
  • It is possible to get "pole burn" if you are not very careful
  • Everybody plays. From fashion models, to firemen to russian mobsters.
  • Ciallis really works
  • It's perfectly OK to grope your (potential) future employer's wife during a job interview
  • Mexicans freak out when they see a guy dressed as a playboy bunny
  • Even experienced swingers get confused when talking to a pair of couples on a dinner date. "No, these two are from Canada, we are from California".
  • Champagne body-shots are awesome!
  • Some republicans do swing. Pretty well actually.
  • No woman, no matter how hot, can resist groping a guy in a skirt.
  • Some clitorial piercings are like "Guitar Hero": Wiggle the wammy bar just right and you hear an awesome noise
  • Rubbing bodies together while glistering with massage oil is hot
  • Fake boobies, when well done, can feel like the real thing
  • Fake boobies, when done badly, can look scary
  • Some of those glowing neon bracelets can double as a fancy cock-ring
  • We really need to put name and address labels on our toys

What about you? Got any life lessons to add?

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