Ok, you caught me...

"I like your bumper sticker" he said to me as he leaned over to pick up his brief case. I laughed and replied "Which one, the Belgian bumper sticker?" Assuming he meant the humor in my husband's taste of signage on his car.

The man laughed quietly while standing next to me, as he looked me directly in the eyes and says "No, the other one...the LL sticker next to the Belgian sticker!"

I was shocked and a bit embarrassed. I smiled and quickly searched for a witty response that wouldn't give our secret lifestyle away. Heck, who knows, maybe man likes Yin and Yang signs with LL in the middle.

I quickly blurt out "Yeah, that's my husbands car, he likes the "Loven Life" sign.

The man continues to smile and says "my wife and I use to belong to the Lifestyle Lounge. We're on break...My name is Dennis"

My head started to race as my cheeks began to flush red.

He reached his hand out towards me to shake my hand, still smiling and then said..."it's nice meeting you, I hope to see you again."

I giggled like a school girl.

He walked over to his car where his colleague is waiting, looks back at me one last time, smiling as he climbed inside. In that moment, I felt like we were part of some secret club and had one of those fun moments that only he and I understood.

In some magical way, it reminded me of being a kid doing the secret handshake with a long time friend.

My husband returned home from taking his walk as "Denis" drove away. I asked how his walk was and then said..."You won't believe what just happened to me.....!!!"

Kasidie, for the sexually social