Hood of Dominance

Sex on hood of carWhat can I say? I’m always in charge…CEO of my corporation, President of the Neighborhood Watch...you get the drift. What do I do at night? Or when I’m not working?

I’m a dominatrix. Yes, you read that right. A dominatrix. My husband, Todd, goes gaga for it. AND he encourages me to have clients!

Today, however, I’m beat and not in the mood to dominate. I’ve just left the most grueling meeting in my career. I had to fire over half of my executives. Needless to say, Security will be busy for the next week. And my HR staff will be busy helping me fill those vacancies.

At lunch, Todd called, telling me that he had something special in mind for us tonight. When he says “something special”, he usually means I’m putting on the “uniform” and he’s being a submissive.

Let me tell you, though. I’m NOT in the mood. How do I break it to him? I’ve been trying to call him since I left the office…he’s not answering his cell or the home phone. I guess I’ll just have to lay down the law…or claim a headache (which isn’t a lie!).

I’m pulling onto our street. I can see the lights on in the front room as I pull into the driveway.

Just as I’m getting out, Todd opens the door…wearing ONLY a leather g-string, army boots and a hat…My stomach does that little flippy thing and my mouth went dry. He’s standing “at-ease” with his hands behind his back.

“Jess, get out of the car!” he barks. “Put down your purse and briefcase. Good. Now come around in front of the car.”

I do as he says, getting excited. Todd has NEVER taken control like this!

As I walk around the car, my hand trails seductively along the hood. I lick my lips and give him the “come hither” look. I can see his cock straining to get out of the g-string. Flip

I open my mouth to speak and he snaps “Silence, slut! Stand right there and strip.”

I start to protest and his hands fly forward and my riding crop slaps into his palm. My heart double-times it. He says, “I said silence! Now take of your jacket. Drop it on the ground.”

Without prompting, I begin to unbutton my blouse. Slowly. Making him wait while I draw out the process. I hear him gasp as he realizes I’m not wearing a bra. I smile to myself.

I let my shirt drop with my jacket. Next, I reach behind me and slowly unzip my skirt. That cock’s gonna burst when he realizes the only thing under the skirt is a garter belt and stockings!

My skirt drops to the ground. His cock jumps. I feel very confident that I’m going to be happy when we’re done.

“You like?” I ask, innocently fluttering my eyelashes at him.

He doesn’t answer my question. Instead, he says “Get your ass on the hood of the car. Now!”

I stick my ass out and seductively put it on the hood. I’m standing with my feet wide and my ass on the car…I can only imagine what the neighbors are thinking!

Todd comes down the stairs and strides right up to me. The crop goes right into my slit. I come right then and there! Oh my god!

Next, he does the unexpected…He grabs my hands and slaps on handcuffs! I have no idea where they were hidden! I didn’t even know we had any!

Todd puts my hands behind his head and I move to kiss him. Instead, he lifts me, puts me on the car and loops my hands over the ski rack. As he gets down, his mouth leaves a burning trail down my body and on my clit.

I’m writhing and panting. Wanting more. Wanting that cock!

Todd grins and evil grin, winks and turns toward the house. Looking back at me, he licks his lips, blows me a kiss and walks into the house! He’s left me sitting on top of the car, butt naked and tied up! I’m so hot I could scream.

I don’t know how long I’m left there, but its torture! I want to be fucked and he’s in the house!

I try to twist and squirm to somehow reach my clit, but I can’t. And I can’t get my hands free from the ski rack!

After what feels like forever, Todd comes back out…this time, he’s got my rod…a 3-foot, hand-held dildo/vibrator. I groan, hoping he’s going to put it in my cunt.

Pulling my eyes off the rod, I notice that he’s unzipped his g-string. Holy shit! His cock is enormous! I want it…NOW!

“Raise your knees!”

I do. I leave my cunt completely exposed, dripping on the hood.

He starts running the dildo up and down my slit. I moan and grind my hips, but he’s barely touching me. It’s torture!

Next, he lubes the head generously and starts teasing my ass…I groan approval and open wider.

The head pushes, insistent, on my asshole. I groan and let it in. Heaven! Todd pumps it in and out slowly. My eyes close as I enjoy the sensations. I can feel the orgasm building. Just as I’m about to come, I feel his mouth on my clit. I explode! A scream escapes my lips. He nibbles and I start bucking.

As I’m coming down, I feel the car move…Todd’s climbed up with me. He’s kneeling between my legs, cock straining…dildo still in my ass…but now he’s turned it on.

I lick my lips and open wide. I want to suck him. He shakes his head and positions his cock at my cunt. He leans down and takes a nipple in his mouth. As his teeth close on the nipple, his cock thrusts into my cunt!

I can’t believe it! I’m coming again. And again.

We stay like that for what seems forever. Then, Todd starts stroking slowly. His speed increases as does the strength of his thrusts.

“That shaft vibrating in your ass feels amazing on my cock,” he says. “I’m gonna fuck you for hours. Right here in the driveway.”

All I can manage is a groan of pleasure. I haven’t stopped coming since he entered me.

He keeps his mouth busy, switching between my tits and my neck. He has yet to kiss my mouth. I know he will…he can’t resist me forever!

Slowly, I feel him start to tense. He’s going to cum. Soon. As if on cue, his mouth crushes mine. Our tongues begin fencing…His breath is shorter and his cock is pumping harder and faster.

Suddenly, he slams into me, raises his head and roars as he shoots his load into my hot, tight, pulsing cunt.

Exhausted, we slump together on the hood. Todd maneuvers me up a bit and releases my hands from the ski rack.

I loop my hands around his neck and kiss him gently.

We lay there for a while. Drifting in that half-sleep that’s so heavenly.

Out of nowhere, we hear “Nice ass, Rogers!”

We shoot up and look at the street. Our neighbor Andy is staring at us from the sidewalk.

“Thanks!” Todd says. “She IS amazing, isn’t she?”

I feel my face burn. I love this man!

We start laughing and jump down. We gather up my things and head into the house.

Todd mentions the dinner he’s made and I’m suddenly ravenous!