After the Bar Closes...


Hanging out, watching you tend bar has only made me more attracted to you. This personality, OUTSIDE of work, is what I suspected was underneath all the “proper, professional analyst” persona you show at the office. You’re witty, funny, and oh, so bad!

But the bar’s closed now and your friends have FINALLY gone…

You reach out and stroke my face, your hand continuing around to my nape as you pull me in for a kiss. Gently, you brush your lips on mine. I moan in response, opening for you. Our tongues explore, as my hands find their way under your shirt and move up your back. You let out a groan and push me down onto the couch. You land gently, your weight on top of me... I begin to move, feeling you harden against me.

Your hands work their way down my sides to my hands. You grab my wrists and pin my hands above my head while you kiss, lick and nip your way down my neck to my chest...

With your free hand you push my shirt and bra out of the way... Taking my nipple in your mouth...I am moaning and moving under your ministrations... I can feel your arousal pressing into my thigh... I want to suck you deep into my throat!

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Gentle Kisses

kissesI can’t believe I'm actually nervous… It’s been over twenty years since I’ve been courted... or courted another. But, through the nerves, my excitement shines.

I walk over to where he’s sitting and wait until his conversation is at a pause. I brush my hand over his hair…so luxuriously thick…and sigh.

He reaches out and draws me into his lap. Then, ever so gently, he begins to kiss me. Sweet, soft, slow kisses that have me shivering. I feel my body heat up and wetness pools between my legs.

I reach up and knot my hands in his hair, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. I love how slow and gentle he is, but my body is aching to be touched and my kisses grow more insistent.

He reaches up and holds my face in his hands while his tongue explores and teases mine. I know he likes to feel my nails on his skin, so I oblige…. Continue reading

Ladies' Choice: Memories of gangbang

indexI have never done anything like this before... I am going to a play party with the intention to fuck as many men as possible! My friends, who organized the party, have called it a "Ladies' Choice" party...but really, it's just a gang-bang. I'm excited and scared at the same time.

At the beginning, we're all milling around in the hotel lounge before play starts. There are some amazing people here...couples and singles. I see 2 or 3 that are definitely on my "to-do" list.

At play time, I'm heading upstairs with James and Lorri. She's just gonna watch us for a bit and that is a huge turn on for me.

James has already undressed while I'm talking to Lorri. He's hard...and that makes me even wetter. He starts kissing me and reaches down to take my dress off, taking his time with the hemline.

Dress is finally off and he pushes me down on the bed. He looks at me with such hunger, I shudder. I am expecting him to climb on top of me, but he kneels on the floor and spreads my thighs.

He goes straight for my clit and I cry out. His tongue alternates between fucking me and teasing my clit. Within moments, I'm writhing and begging for him to tip me over the edge...I'm so close. In response, he sucks my clit into his mouth and inserts 2 fingers in my pussy. He knows JUST where they go, too! I'm screaming and squirting almost immediately. Continue reading

The good slut

OnbedI’m nervous. Tiff called and told me to be ready for dinner and “a surprise”. A car will pick me up at 6:00 tonight.

No big deal, right?

Well, then she texted me a VERY specific list of what I’m to wear…
• Sheer black stockings
• Black lace garter belt (good thing I had one!)
• Black heels
• “The dress and accessories that will be delivered this afternoon” (I’m thinking WTF???!?)
• You will NOT wear a bra.

So, I don’t think she’s planning a playdate for us, but I could be wrong. Why such specific instructions on how to dress if not?

I go about my day, but I’m distracted. I can hardly focus on work. While on a call with my boss, the doorbell rings. I answer the door and my jaw drops. There is a delivery man at my door. He’s holding an expensive-looking garment bag with a small gift bag hanging around the hanger.

Once I gather my wits, I excuse myself from the call for a moment and accept the package. There’s a card that says “Do not open until 5pm. Period.”

Now, I really can’t focus. Thankfully, it’s almost 5, so not much longer to wait.

I finish my work, shut down my link to work, and head for the bedroom.

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Hood of Dominance

Sex on hood of carWhat can I say? I’m always in charge…CEO of my corporation, President of the Neighborhood get the drift. What do I do at night? Or when I’m not working?

I’m a dominatrix. Yes, you read that right. A dominatrix. My husband, Todd, goes gaga for it. AND he encourages me to have clients!

Today, however, I’m beat and not in the mood to dominate. I’ve just left the most grueling meeting in my career. I had to fire over half of my executives. Needless to say, Security will be busy for the next week. And my HR staff will be busy helping me fill those vacancies.

At lunch, Todd called, telling me that he had something special in mind for us tonight. When he says “something special”, he usually means I’m putting on the “uniform” and he’s being a submissive.

Let me tell you, though. I’m NOT in the mood. How do I break it to him? I’ve been trying to call him since I left the office…he’s not answering his cell or the home phone. I guess I’ll just have to lay down the law…or claim a headache (which isn’t a lie!).

I’m pulling onto our street. I can see the lights on in the front room as I pull into the driveway.
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