After the Bar Closes...


Hanging out, watching you tend bar has only made me more attracted to you. This personality, OUTSIDE of work, is what I suspected was underneath all the “proper, professional analyst” persona you show at the office. You’re witty, funny, and oh, so bad!

But the bar’s closed now and your friends have FINALLY gone…

You reach out and stroke my face, your hand continuing around to my nape as you pull me in for a kiss. Gently, you brush your lips on mine. I moan in response, opening for you. Our tongues explore, as my hands find their way under your shirt and move up your back. You let out a groan and push me down onto the couch. You land gently, your weight on top of me... I begin to move, feeling you harden against me.

Your hands work their way down my sides to my hands. You grab my wrists and pin my hands above my head while you kiss, lick and nip your way down my neck to my chest...

With your free hand you push my shirt and bra out of the way... Taking my nipple in your mouth...I am moaning and moving under your ministrations... I can feel your arousal pressing into my thigh... I want to suck you deep into my throat!

I arch my back, urging you to use your teeth on my breasts and to tease the barbells. I love hearing the metal click in your teeth.

I'm begging you to let me touch you, but my pleas are ignored...

You release my hands but tell me to keep them above my head...and a whimper escapes me.
Your hands ease down my sides to the hem of my skirt... You slide one hand up my thigh... Higher and higher... When you reach my core, you groan at the lack of panties and how wet I am...

You close your eyes as an intense wave of lust consumes you... And all you can see is the picture I sent you a few days pussy spread for your eyes to feast on, soaking wet just waiting for you. You want to bury your tongue in my wetness. Instead, you plunge 2 fingers into me and my walls grip you tightly. You bring your fingers to your mouth for a taste and you can't suppress the moan that rises in your throat.

I reach down and grab the collar of your shirt, getting your attention. I pull you towards me and kiss you. Nothing chaste. Just pure need. Hands roaming over your back and chest, I slide them down to your belt. I can't hold back and I grasp your hardness through your slacks. You're so hard! An involuntary moan escapes my throat and I feel more wetness pooling in my pussy.

I frantically unbuckle your belt and open your pants...slide my hand inside and grasp your length. You gasp at the pleasure....My mouth waters in anticipation. I start to maneuver so I can swallow you...
I take you all in... Swirl my tongue around the crown...the sensitive with your balls with my nails lightly scratching them...
I am getting too warm and finally discard my top and bra... I am kneeling in front of you in only my skirt, your cock in the back of my throat, looking up to see your eyes hooded and burning with desire.

I slide your pants the rest of the way down your legs and you step out of them, simultaneously removing your shirt. My heart rate accelerates at the sight of you.

You hold the back of my head and start pumping in my mouth. I grab onto your ass to keep you in my mouth and keep up with your rhythm. You're getting close so you pull out of my mouth.

Reaching down, you help me to my feet. You cradle my face in your hands and kiss me hard while turning so I am in front of the couch. Your hands move down my body and remove my skirt. You urge me to sit down on the couch as you go down to your knees in front of me.

You explore my chest and belly with your mouth and hands, leaving hot kisses and shivers on my skin. When you reach my thighs, you hook your hands under my knees and pull me forward so my ass is at the edge of the cushions. Spreading my knees wide, you lick and nip your way up my thighs. Teasing my lips but never touching where I want you...

I can't take any more and beg you, "Please! My clit! Please!"

With a wicked smile, you dive at my clit, taking it into your mouth and inserting 2 fingers in my pussy. My orgasm is instantaneous and explodes through me. My walls clamp around your fingers and my juices gush into your mouth. You keep your fingers pressed into my g-spot as your tongue teases my clit and the climax keeps going... You slowly bring me down... Long, slow laps of your tongue along my slit... Fingers pumping slowly... My hips are grinding against you... Your cock twitches. You are so hard it's almost painful.

You lift your head and look up at me. Your eyes are dark with desire. My heart flutters... I want you inside me. I need it!
You're visibly shaking with the need to be inside me as you rise up and tower over me. You can't wait anymore and slam into me in one powerful stroke. You start moving. Slowly at first, savoring the heat and tightness. But that can't last... The sensations are too intense... You pick up the pace and I start pushing back, meeting your every stroke.

Pretty soon you're slamming into me and I'm lost to the pleasure. I start to come again, gripping your shaft with the walls of my pussy. I'm so very tight. You feel your balls tighten and can't hold back any longer. With one last animal surge of strength, you pound into me and roar with your release.

When the spasms recede, we roll onto the couch and collapse against one another, catching our breath.

As I'm getting ready to leave, you pull me into your arms and kiss me gently. You whisper in my ear, “Next time, we might actually get her out on the water.”

With a smile, I reply, “That would be nice.”

You walk me to my car, like the gentleman you are. We say our goodbyes and I drive away.

I can’t wait until we meet again.