Gentle Kisses

kissesI can’t believe I'm actually nervous… It’s been over twenty years since I’ve been courted... or courted another. But, through the nerves, my excitement shines.

I walk over to where he’s sitting and wait until his conversation is at a pause. I brush my hand over his hair…so luxuriously thick…and sigh.

He reaches out and draws me into his lap. Then, ever so gently, he begins to kiss me. Sweet, soft, slow kisses that have me shivering. I feel my body heat up and wetness pools between my legs.

I reach up and knot my hands in his hair, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. I love how slow and gentle he is, but my body is aching to be touched and my kisses grow more insistent.

He reaches up and holds my face in his hands while his tongue explores and teases mine. I know he likes to feel my nails on his skin, so I oblige….

…starting with his scalp, rubbing gently in a scalp massage…working my way down the back of his neck, eliciting a shiver as he groans into my kiss. His kisses become intense as he arches his back into my nails running down to the waist of his jeans. I increase the pressure and come back up just as his hands slide down my neck and onto my breasts.

I gasp as his thumbs rub over my nipples, already straining for his touch. He teases them until I’m squirming on his lap. I can feel his erection growing under me.

Suddenly, he picks me up and stands in one fluid motion…never breaking our kiss.

He then carries me to the bedroom and gently sets me on my feet. I take the moment and pull his shirt up over his head and run my hands down his chest and stomach.

While my hands are exploring, he slips his hands under my t-shirt and onto my bra. He unhooks the clasp and covers my breasts with his hands. So warm! I can feel my heart about to beat out of my chest.

His hands slide down and onto my ass and he pulls me to him, grinding my hips against his cock. He dips his head and begins to lick, nip and kiss my jaw and down to the cradle of my neck and shoulder. There, he kisses, sucks, nips and licks until my knees turn to jelly.

I find myself backed against the bed. As he gives me a gentle nudge, I fall back…sitting on the bed. He kneels in front of me, slowly and sensually removing my shirt and bra.

The look of reverence on his face is intensely captivating. Again, he runs his thumbs over my nipples and my head falls back. A low growl sounds in his throat as he closes his eyes and licks first one nipple then the other. His hands are firm on my back, keeping me upright as he nuzzles and sucks.

I’m desperate to feel him so I bring my hands to his back, planning to renew my explorations of his body. But he has different ideas…

He suddenly releases my nipple, causing me to gasp with the loss of his hot mouth. Then, my hands are over my head and pinned in his…I can’t touch him? I arch into him, begging for his touch. With a look, he tells me to stay still and not touch. I groan but I comply.

With a wicked grin, he works his way down to the top of my pants. He slowly unbuttons the waist. He then takes down the zipper tooth, by tooth, at an agonizingly slow pace. My hips begin to undulate of their own volition.

He hooks his fingers and removes my pants and panties at once, and blows on my pussy as he moves down.

I’m writhing in desperation. Wanting nothing more than his mouth on my clit. But no. He continues to torture me with slow, light butterfly kisses, never quite reaching my center. I’m so close I’m shaking.

I beg for him to give me release. He just grins as he looks up at me with a burning desire.

Slowly, strongly, he opens my thighs. I can feel his breath on my wetness and I arch toward him with a moan. His tongue darts out and runs up my slit and I cry out. Again, up the full length, never touching my clit.

His tongue moves to the spot just above my hard button and starts to swirl around. I try to move so he’s on my clit, but he’s so good at teasing that I can’t.

When I think I’m about to go mad, he sucks in my clit so strongly that I come right there. My juices gush out as he laps them up. Gently, he brings me down so I can handle more…when he senses that I can take it, he slides one finger inside. My walls clench, wanting to hold him in, but he pulls out and adds another…again, I clench and again, he pulls out…finally, there are three fingers pumping inside me and curling up to my g-spot.

I am on the edge of another mind-blowing orgasm when he licks my clit. He applies just the right pressure and I explode, screaming in ecstasy.

Once I come down, I push him back…It’s my turn! I want to feel his cock in my hands. Feel it in my mouth. But first, I kiss him long and deep, tasting my juices on his lips.

As I open his jeans, his cock springs free. I’m purring with anticipation as I see this beautiful staff. He’s rock hard and visibly throbbing. I gently lick the drop of wetness off the tip and he gasps.

I maneuver him onto the bed and he lies down. I take my time, exploring his length with my tongue. Appreciating every inch. Once I reach the crown, I lick my lips and give him a seductive glance….then I slide his whole length into my mouth.

He moans and bucks his hips. As I move my mouth up and down his shaft, my nails trace along his balls…I can tell he likes it because he’s growling low. I love that sound!

After a short time, he sits up and grabs me and pulls me into a deep, hot, passionate kiss. I’m straddling him, his cock pressed up against my clit. I start to rock my hips because he feels so good. I work myself to the edge while he watches with lust and wonder. As I come, he holds me to him and rolls me onto my back, towering over me.

As the last waves of the orgasm roll through, he slides into me in one easy motion and I come again. He holds there, his entire length inside, while I grip him with my sheath.

Slowly, he begins pumping in and out. His head dips down and he takes a nipple in his mouth. All I can do is hold his head there as I wrap my legs around his waist.

Our rhythm grows more urgent, stronger, hotter. Our eyes meet and we both tip over the edge. He explodes, shooting hot cum into me. With each pulse, my pussy milks him dry.

We collapse on our sides, fitting together perfectly.

As our hearts slow to a normal pace, he kisses me goodnight and covers us. As I drift off to sleep, I’m glad to feel his strong arms around me and can’t wait to wake up in his arms.