38: Naughty in Nawlins and on boats


We had a long chat with Bob Hannaford (half of the infamous "Bob & Tess" team), famous for creating spectacular events and cruises.

Bob talks about the swinging lifestyle, being naked (pretty much a requirement to survive in New Orleans) and having a great time at a convention. They stared with having 100 couples, now their events welcome more than 800 couples each.  Instead of creating one big event, they create a cluster of smaller activities, so that everybody can find their own thing.

The culture of New Orleans is very open to all walks of life.  Bob has been organizing a parade during Naughty in N’awlins for over 10 years, which has morphed into a "swingers pride parade".  It almost looks like a sexy political rally.

The only people who make less money when the swingers take over the own are the strippers.  But they do have strip-club take-overs, to great effect!

Unlike the average playroom, Bob and Tess's room are nicely decorated and inviting "Tantra Palaces".   There is also a greater variety, from group rooms to girls only rooms to "dark rooms".   Sometimes people make the weirdest noises when having an orgasm.  But it can still make you feel like a superhero.

Cruises are welcome to all levels of swinger experience, from experts to newbies to nudists, and created with the same amount of care as the other events.  Most leave from the east coast (Florida), but some  have departed out of Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.  There is also a European river cruise on the Rhine coming up soon.

Bob shares tips about the proper etiquette to enter into an orgy and explains the feeling of "electricity" during his first ever threesome.

He just finished the design of a brand new "Colette's" in Dallas and what went into extending the existing playrooms.    They will be sponsoring Fantasy fest and a new "Couples fest" in key west.

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