Blooper #4

Setting: A play party at somebodies house. Lotsa couples everywhere.

Mrs. SFCUTIES and Mr. [Censored] jump into the shower to clean up. I (Mr. SFCUTIES) sneak in after them. Everything goes well until the MRS decides she needs soap.

"Hey! There's a shiny box fixed to the wall! It has a button!"

I had already seen that it was not a soap dispenser, since that was on my side of the shower. Half-way through my yelling of "Don't touch that", the disinfectant sprayer system (that just got activated) fires... Hitting everybody in general and me in the face.

Me: "Uuurghh".
Mrs: "Oh sorry honey, let me spray it off".
And the Mrs uses the shower head to spray my face.
Unfortunately, in the cramped shower Mr. [Censored]'s butt had changed the water temperature valve from "warm & cosy" to "melt the skin of your body"-hot.

Needless to say, I left the shower in a less than sexy way.

Moral of the story:
There are some buttons that shouldn't be pushed.

Anybody else have any bloopers to share?

Kasidie, for the sexually social