The 'us' of tonight

Steamy loversPlease note: While the lover portrayed in this story is both subjectively and objectively gorgeous, that is not a prerequisite to be my lover. But he IS attractive, and my eyesight is quite accute, thanks to Lasix, so the visual plays a larger part in this bit of 'erotica' than in other love affairs past, present and future...

We met first for dinner, just in case we didn't 'click', and to give things a chance to start warming up. I was expecting him to be attractive, having seen his pictures, but pictures can't really portray charisma, and this he has in spades... Engaging smile, mischievous eyes... It was going to be a GREAT night. After dinner we went back to his place. He gave me the tour, ending with the master bathroom, conveniently attached to the master bedroom.

I took off my shoes, he eased up behind me, sliding his body against mine, running his hands up my chest to cup my breasts. Checking to see if they were real, perhaps, or simply drawn by the siren song that all breasts sing. Or with the intent of providing pleasure? Maybe all of those things. I moaned... Next he cupped my chin, easing my head back to his shoulder so we could kiss for the first time. Awkward, warm, wanting... I turned in his arms to get a better angle on his mouth. Ran my tongue across his lips, inside his lips... hmmm... slight coppery taste. Not of blood, but as if someone had bitten him earlier, or he'd somehow cut his lip. I explored with my tongue, trying to be gentle, but curious to understand the taste and texture I had found. And then I forgot that, as he cupped my ass and lifted me up, turning me until my back was to the bed (no mean feat – he doesn't significantly outweigh me). Hmmm... Rowr! Continue reading