The 'us' of tonight

Steamy loversPlease note: While the lover portrayed in this story is both subjectively and objectively gorgeous, that is not a prerequisite to be my lover. But he IS attractive, and my eyesight is quite accute, thanks to Lasix, so the visual plays a larger part in this bit of 'erotica' than in other love affairs past, present and future...

We met first for dinner, just in case we didn't 'click', and to give things a chance to start warming up. I was expecting him to be attractive, having seen his pictures, but pictures can't really portray charisma, and this he has in spades... Engaging smile, mischievous eyes... It was going to be a GREAT night. After dinner we went back to his place. He gave me the tour, ending with the master bathroom, conveniently attached to the master bedroom.

I took off my shoes, he eased up behind me, sliding his body against mine, running his hands up my chest to cup my breasts. Checking to see if they were real, perhaps, or simply drawn by the siren song that all breasts sing. Or with the intent of providing pleasure? Maybe all of those things. I moaned... Next he cupped my chin, easing my head back to his shoulder so we could kiss for the first time. Awkward, warm, wanting... I turned in his arms to get a better angle on his mouth. Ran my tongue across his lips, inside his lips... hmmm... slight coppery taste. Not of blood, but as if someone had bitten him earlier, or he'd somehow cut his lip. I explored with my tongue, trying to be gentle, but curious to understand the taste and texture I had found. And then I forgot that, as he cupped my ass and lifted me up, turning me until my back was to the bed (no mean feat – he doesn't significantly outweigh me). Hmmm... Rowr!

He pushed me back, onto the bed, and crawled after me as I scooted backward to make room. First order of business for him was pushing my shirt up... To see, to taste, to pleasure... I arched and moaned as he caressed and licked. I don't remember how his shirt came off, whether by his hands or mine. But I believe the first thing I said was "Yum!" I have a 'thing' for guys' chests... Yum...

We reached for one another's belt buckles but ended up shucking our own, that being the fastest path to where we wanted to be... skin to skin. His cock looked precisely as it had in the one picture I had seen. How distinctive they all are. As distinctive as fingerprints, no two ever alike. This one I would recognize again in a lineup. Yes, officer, that's the one. The one that made me... But I'm getting ahead of my story. He is a man with a plan. I recommended a towel, and assumed the position atop a pillow (not without bumping him in the face with my hips... I wonder if that's how his lip got cut earlier as I suspect the first few forays were to check my responses, but regardless of whether it is his preferred technique or was informed by my reactions, he settles on sucking over licking... Good choice, in my case. MMmmmm.... Wow. And then a string of profanity, with religious overtones, begins to spill from my lips. Culminating with me thrashing around and screaming 'No, No, No, No, No, No'...

No? Shouldn't it be Yes? 'Too much!' I scream. He shows no mercy. I am not recommending this as a strategy. Everyone has their technique.

For him, on this night, it is the right thing, the only thing, and I scream my pleasure in a string of negations... I still haven't given him what he wants from me. He gets up to get a toy. I take the opportunity to get my hands on that lovely, distinctive cock for the first time. Snifffffff up the length to the balls. Mmmm.... Take one in my mouth and roll my tongue around it. Mmmmm... Then lllllick up the side of his cock with a big, flat tongue. Mmmmmm.... Run the tip of my tongue around the rim and then try to take it all in. Not quite. Not at this angle. But I think he liked it. I know I did.

Turns out the same couple demonstrated that technique for each of us, on separate occasions. Sharing a good thing. Sharing a GREAT thing... This time the assault begins with a large dildo. A good-sized toy in the hands of what I am quickly coming (cumming?) to realize is a seasoned pro with a will to put those skills to enthusiastic use.

A long time, and much screaming, thrashing and moaning later, I am sitting on his face, alternating between sitting up so I can look down at his lovely eyes smiling between my thighs, and collapsing face down to scream my pleasure into the pillow. It takes me two tries to get out "I need your cock inside me!" Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus... No, the hero of this story is not named Jesus. It's unintentional. Reactive. Blasphemous.

"Oh, JESUS!!! I need your cock inside me NOW!"
"That can be arranged".
Oh thank god. Again with the blasphemy.

I think I still haven't given him what he was really after, but you can't say it was for lack of trying... He's talking as he slides into me for the first time. I want to tell him to Shut Up, because while few things are sacred to me in this life, this moment is... This first moment of joining two bodies... So sweet. So ecstatic. So fulFILLing. I have forgotten what he was telling me then. Oh. No I haven't. It was a request. A request to let him know when I am cumming. To vocalize, with words, when I am 'there'. Again, I will not be giving him what he really wants tonight... But my reasons are for a different blog. This one... This one is not about me.

This is about us. The 'us' of tonight. Now. And now he is inside me. And it's sounding wet, ladies and gents. Very, verrrry wet. He is an athlete. And he gives himself a workout as he fucks me, hard and fast, and pounding. I lie back and watch him, feel him, listen to him shuttling in and out of my body. He is truly gorgeous. A work of art come to life. Cum. To life. Mmmmm... Missionary. Yeah, that spot... That one there... Then my right leg goes over to join my left on the bed and I am in something of a yoga pose. Thank goodness for yoga! Because THAT spot... Yeah, that one... Ahhhhhh!!!

Now face down with my ass in the air. And he's pounding me hard, and I'm on the verge... Hell, I've been on the verge all night, what am I talking about... And he's thrusting in and out, long, powerful thrusts... Brief and unfortunate interruption for some physical pain. His cock didn't get broke, but it did get bent. Yes, feeling some sympathetic pain at this point in the story is appropriate. Breathe through the pain, people... What a trooper.

Not 2 minutes later I'm cowgirl UP! And riding him hard and fast. Jesus but he feels good. If... I... Could... Just.... I'm pretty sure he's thinking something similar... Because then he's on top again, and I'm running my nails down his muscular back, digging them into that beautiful ass. And he's clearly on the verge himself, now.

"Are you going to cum?" I ask.
"I think so."
"Good, because I want you to cum. I want you to cum so hard..."

And then he does. And I'm scraping my nails along his back, watching him, gripping him, as he spasms. Again. And again. And now I'm screaming too. Oh, baby... Later I lie next to him, tracing my hands and nails along his beautiful body. Letting my fingers play, poking my nose into his armpit to smell him. Feeling the textures, the responses... I love this. I love the skin-to-skin contact. The permission to touch another human. It's a gift. Tonight was a gift. Thank you, my lover. And thank you to my lover's lover. He's still hers. Or someone's... (his own?). Not mine, at any rate. And that is, believe it or not, a beautiful thing, too. Although I would love an encore at some point... 😉

Maybe I'll even share it with you all if my wish is granted...

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