37: 2 Girls, 1 City: Practical polyamory in London



SinD and Victoria share their hazy recollections of a weekend together in London and debrief their raw feelings, straight from the heart: The fun of of partying, and the messiness of polyamory.

Subjects discussed:
  • Signing up for OkCupid, getting too many responses to manage
  • Getting the wrong address
  • Practical polyamory also involves talking to the wife and telling dinosaur adventures to the kids .
  • Rocking out in London dance clubs
  • 3-way make-outs
  • SinD hunting 18 year-olds, and going into "Wicked tigger" mode
  • Trying to dampen sexual frustration with Mc Donald's food (Hint: It doesn't work!)
  • Leaving the kids with blue balls
  • Jealousy (Or just trying to fit in)
  • Organizing threesomes can be more complicated than initially expected
  • The girls define their sexuality as "situational"
  • How abuse as a child impacts the feelings and decisions later in life
  • A relationship with a married man
  • Lessons learned and tips for those starting in polyamory

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2 thoughts on “37: 2 Girls, 1 City: Practical polyamory in London

  1. You need to add another tag to this particular podcast episode: "Cheating"
    I didn't think that was normally part of poly or swinging. Not sure SinD should have had the three-way with the married man who's cheating on his wife already with Victoria.
    That's the advice I've been given in the past - poly is honest and open. Some of that advice came from members of Bliss Bringers. Does it really make a difference if his wife has health problems? Are there other exceptions I don't know about?

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree that it is a complicated situation (even more complicated than we could put on the show), and that being honest is the best option. In real life however, things are not always that straight-forward, and sometimes you run into a grey zone like this one. We found it important to bring this in the open, as it does happen. In the mean time, there have been further developments, which we will talk about in a later episode.

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