36: Adventures of a Single Male in the Swinging lifestyle

Can you get into the swingers scene as a single male?  Many have tried and failed (some more spectacularly than others) but we talk do Daniel, who not only lived to tell the tale, he also wrote a book about it called “swingland”.

We discuss:
  • How to be yourself
  • Creepy things to avoid
  • Not sending pictures of your junk (unless asked for)
  • Making yourself useful at parties in order to get yourself to be indispensable
  • Playing “Poker for pussy"
  • Swinging as single male versus a female
  • Experienced couples versus newbies
  • Being aware of couples with internal issues
  • Dangers of recently broken-up single females
  • Sense of humor
  • Swinger-based TV series are mediocre at best, so we have to make our own


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