Bonus: Kasidie gives 3 months free to our listeners

Who doesn't like free stuff? Who doesn't like sexy stuff?  And who doesn't love Kasidie?

"What's Kasidie?" you ask.  Think "facebook for swingers." Think "sexy dating site without the suck."

We've been working overtime, sexy people! Between podcasting and cooking up some sexy new ideas, the Blissbringers have swung a deal for our listeners with Kasidie that puts free and sexy and Kasidie together.

When you sign up as a Bliss Bringers listener, you get the first 3 months of full access totally free.  You will also automatically be linked to the team, so you don't miss out on our naughty activities over there. After that, you can keep your account as a free account if you want to.

Go ahead, and sign up for Kasidie now!