Swinging with a side of Kink

It had been a long week. As much as she loved her life, it was a busy CHALLENGING life. Her two babies, little angelic gifts that they were, took so much time and energy. She loved putting that time in, being a mother brought her great joy but by the end of the week she had to admit that she was exhausted and needed a break. 

On top of that, she had been putting in more hours than usual at work. Her career was another aspect of her life that truly fulfilled her but free time had gotten quite scarce. 

But tonight would be a break from the stress and hectic action of her routine. Tonight they had a naughty couple coming to play. Tonight would be DECADENT!  She could hardly wait. 

With the babies down and her beautiful husband out doing the grocery shopping for her, she had a little time for herself. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants, the thin, black material hugging her tight runners body deliciously. A sports halter top left a bit of her tummy peeking out teasingly. 

She pulled her hair back into a simple ponytail and stepped up onto her elliptical. Her legs started pumping in long, smooth strides as her arms pushed and pulled the handles in an easy rhythm as she warmed up. 

She could feel a light sheen of sweat coat her body as her heart rate increased, her blood singing through her veins. She loved the feel of her body in motion, was practically addicted to it. As she got up to her target heart rate she evened out her strides and felt her muscles fall into that familiar pattern, thoughtless grace of rolling muscle, unaware of the simple beauty of her body mechanics. 

Her mind started to wander, her thoughts turning to what would be happening later this evening. She had been teasing relentlessly, challenging this gentleman to take her. To dominate her. To overpower her. 

He had sent some incredibly sexy pictures of his wife in bondage. (And the thought of HER made the soft folds deep inside clench achingly) And the things he wrote!  My God. If this man could do HALF of what he wrote about, she might be in trouble. 

But this is the kind of trouble she craves.  She had no idea why, but the thought of being pinned down and fucked hard while having her hair pulled had always turned her on. She wanted him to play the orgasm game with her. Just the thought of him controlling her orgasms made that throbbing ache deep in her belly pulse with wanton need. Just her thighs rubbing together as her legs pumped on this machine was nearly enough to make her cum right here. 

Better not, she thought, I haven't asked permission!  She smiled sheepishly and imagined being paddled for cumming too soon. She groaned out loud at THAT thought, actually losing her rhythm on the elliptical for a moment. 

She recovered quickly, amazed at how distracted she was over this couple. It had been awhile since her and Tommy had been in the game, but they were hardly newbies!  In fact, she had plans for blowing BOTH their minds.  She couldn't decide which one she wanted more!  Those TITS on Michelle. Holy shit!  She wanted to bury her face there and drown in them!  And she couldn't wait to get a taste of her. She had bragged about how good she could give head, but she really knew how to go down on a lady too. She wanted to eat her all up until she made her cum so hard her stomach hurt from clenching up. 

She could feel the sweat rolling down her body as she picked up speed, knowing that she would be getting another workout before the day was over. That dull and empty ache inside her would be filled up. The fires inside her quenched. She needed it so badly that she couldn't imagine waiting. Maybe she will jump on Tommy when he gets back. Get on top of him and fuck him hard and fast until she leaks all over him. 

My God she was horny. She punched the stop button and slowed her pace until she could step off the machine. She headed to the shower, feeling her most intimate place all wet and slippery. Maybe she wouldn't wait for Tommy after all. Perhaps her fingers would work their magic in the shower. 

PLEASE don't let the babies wake up!

The water was hot and she closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth as it seeped into her shoulders. Her muscles were tight and bunches, knotted across her shoulder blades and she briefly wondered if she could talk her new friend out of another massage. It was surprising to her that he had rubbed her so nicely when they met. His hands had felt wonderful. 

The water cascaded and beaded on her body, the long, lean lines dripping water from its beautiful curves and hollows. She scrubbed gently with a loofa, the soapy, scratchy texture felt wonderful on her fatigued flesh. She ran her hands down her body, rinsing the soap off and ended with her hands pressed to her tiny slit. 

The little button at the top of her sex throbbed as she used the pad of her index finger to rock it side to side, the familiar tingle inside her building momentum slowly. It was like a rising tide pressing against the face of a dam, building and straining against the solid wall of concrete. She knew that soon that wall would crack and the sensations would wash through her with the power of a tsunami, consuming all thought and care, a clenching and spasming eternity of pure bliss. 

Her finger worked faster as the billowing steam of the hot water caresses her body like tiny scalding fingers. She could hear herself panting and making small, pleasure sounds as she worked faster and faster. Her sex was wet and hungry, her orgasm just teasingly out of reach. She spread herself and let the pounding water massage her clit, thrumming away with its pulses of hot steamy drops, then returned to rubbing with her fingertips. 

That dam was at capacity and its walls threatening to break, her eyes screwed shut as her fingers flew with manic speed over her clit. 

And the baby started crying!!  Damn damn damn damn!!!  She thought briefly of trying to finish first, she knew her baby's cries and this wasn't a cry of pain or panic, but after a moment she realized the sound of her child had scared her orgasm away. It was no use, she wouldn't be able to finish with the baby squalling like this. 

She quickly rinsed herself and shut off the water, toweling her gorgeous body dry and wrapping a towel around her dripping hair.

As soon as she entered the baby's room the crying stopped and she was greeted with a smile that melted her heart. The child might have robbed her of a little shiver in the shower but this smile more than made up for it. Her heart felt near to bursting with love for her little munchkin. 

The rest of the day was filled with typical activities of the modern age couple with two littles running around. Lunch and baths and picking up after them, cleaning the house. 

But there was a tension in the air. That thrilling little tingle of knowing what is coming tonight. Every time she passed close by her sexy husband she would reach out and drag her hand teasingly across his body. He wouldn't pass up any opportunity to smack her tight little ass anytime he passed behind her. 

The looks they shared conveyed that they were both excited, both keyed up for playtime tonight. The slow simmer was palpable and she found herself achingly tense as the hours spun by. She found herself checking their profile again and again, hoping to see a new message or an exciting new profile that catches her attention. 

She doesn't really NEED anything new, but her mind was tuned into her naughty side and she was drawn inexorably towards anything on the naughty side. 

Their special friends had chatted a bit earlier online and they had even exchanged a couple new pictures. 

Gawd!  I can't wait to get my hands on her big tits!, she thinks, pressing her thighs together and grinding in an attempt to scratch the itch that was demanding attention.  She aches so badly that she thought about sneaking off and leaving the kiddos with Tommy and rubbing herself off in the middle of their bed. 

Goddamnit!  She NEEDS to be fucked!

She sat at her piano and started recording, playing a familiar tune and singing to try to distract her mind. It wasn't her best effort and her thoughts kept slipping back to anticipation for this evenings activities. She found herself wondering what she should wear. She had talked to her new friend about a desire to have her clothes ripped off of her.

Would he do it?  She wasn't sure. But she thought that perhaps she shouldn't wear anything she didn't want damaged, just in case.  She didn't want to be sewing buttons back on. She wondered if she had any sexy panties she wouldn't mind having destroyed.  Or maybe she wouldn't wear any at all!  Perhaps a short skirt with nothing under it. Or some cheap leggings he could rip. 

She found herself grinding her thighs together at the piano and her voice was all over the place. She deleted the video without even watching it and gave up, the entire distraction just wasn't working. 

As she got up she saw her phone light up. She grabbed it and checked. It was HIM. 

How you doing sexy lady?  I'm thinking about fucking you. 

She smiles and starts typing a response. 

Can't fucking concentrate!  Is it date time yet?!?  I need to get fucked!

A second or two passes and her phone vibrates again. 

Sweetie, I'm sooooo going to fuck you silly. Your hair is going to be pulled and that ass better be ready to be spanked. 

Her pussy clenched hard reading that. The ache inside her throbbing and pulsing with need.  She pushed the heel of one hand hard against herself and squeezed her legs around it. She could feel her orgasm boiling and bubbling inside her. Knew that if she pulled her panties down that they would be wet and sticky with her sweet juices. 

You promise?, she texted, her knees actually feeling weak. It had been way to long since her and Tommy have played like this. And she missed it badly. Couldn't wait to get back in the game. There were so many things she wanted to do with this couple she couldn't possibly do it all in one night. 

She was excited about having an ongoing fuckathon with these two. And maybe all four of them can find another great couple and invite them to play too!  Just a big pile of arms and legs and mouths and yummy bits all over the place. 

God damn I need to be fucked!!

The hours dragged by with torturous slowness and her nerves never did settle. Her need churned inside her, a pressure cooker threatening to blow the lid off at any moment. 

Tommy could see her distress but couldn't really ask her what was wrong in front of the kids. He did give her a questioning look and she had told him she was fine. But she wasn't fine. She was wound so tight she could feel a migraine coming on. Her shoulders and neck pulled tight and she was starting to fear that tonight might get fucked up after all.  Might just end with her in a dark room hoping the pain would stop. 

Finally it was time to go meet them. They had decided on a light dinner and then back to the house. She felt VERY naughty in her dress, knowing she didn't have panties on. She had found a great pair of shiny black heels and her legs looked incredible. 

Tommy came in the room just as she was taking a selfie to send to their new friends. 

"Jesus baby. Fucking hot."  He came up behind her and kissed her neck while wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her ass hard against his crotch. She could feel the hardened bulge of his beautiful cock press into her. 

"Maybe we should cancel and I will just fuck you right here and now."  His words made her flood with desire, her need flaring white hot and throbbing within her. She turned in his arms and kissed him while grabbing his cock through his pants. 

"I NEED to be fucked Tom. I need it so bad."

"You want to cancel?  Or you want to fuck them?"  She could see that he would cancel if she wanted, but she knew he wanted to fuck Michelle more than a little. 

"Oh no baby, I want to fuck them. I want to show them how WE fuck. I want them to NEVER forget us!"

She hit send on her selfie and they finished getting ready. Within 15 minutes they were out the door. Babies asleep, sitter all set up until they got back. 

They promised not to be gone long. And she hoped they weren't. She wanted to be back here and getting fucked hard before she had a big wet spot ruining her dress. 

The restaurant was packed but they were lucky enough to get a table towards the back. It wasn't private by any means but with the background noise it offered a little bit of camouflage for some less than typical dinner conversation.  And at least there were no kids nearby!  

Michelle was looking fabulous in her top, the bulging curves of her round tits stretching the fabric beautifully. She was mouth watering and the thought of helping her out of that top was so very exciting. 

And Robert was looking good as well. Every time she looked up it seemed he was staring right into her eyes. She shifted in her seat, feeling that heat inside her at the knowledge of this man and what he wanted to do to her. What he had PROMISED to do to her. 

She jumped as she felt his foot nudge her calf then traveling up her leg, slowly stroking her as he looked into her face, gauging her reaction. 

She settled after being startled and decided that two can play that game. Slipping off her other heel she stretched her leg under the table and pressed the bottom of her foot into his crotch. She could feel him stir and it was his turn to jump a little. 

His hand dropped to her foot and lifted it off of his lap, his fingers trailing down her instep, massaging gently. He smiled at her and she impishly licked her lips at him, more promises of the incredible oral she had vowed to give HIM tonight. 

He released her foot and she slipped her shoe back on. Trying to behave herself. 

"Oh hey, that reminds me. I brought you something."  He dug into his pocket as she waited, curious about this turn of events. Then he was setting a troll doll on the table. It's shock of neon hair standing straight up off of its head. 

She picked it up and noticed a little handmade sign hung around its neck. It read, Can I grope you?

She laughed out loud. 

"Hey, I wanted you to feel comfortable. Seems you like going on dates with gropey trolls!"

"I'm going to show YOU groping later, mister!", she promised with a laugh.  

She couldn't believe that he remembered her silly little story about the first couple they ever met and how he wouldn't stop being a creep and pawing at her in the bar. 

He really DOES pay attention to detail. 

This is going to be fun!

The meal was great. She ate lightly (no good being too full for the activities she would soon be participating in!) while they exchanged stories. She loved that they all seemed to share the same sharp, biting sense of humor. That they were fast and witty and sarcastic. She loved the way Michelle's eyes would sparkle when she laughed. And how they would get smoky and sexy with promise as she flirted. 

She was staring at this woman, thinking about sucking on her giant tits while finger fucking her wet pussy when her phone buzzed. She reached into her purse, hoping it wasn't the sitter with some problem with the littles. 

I see you looking at my wife you sexy little slut. You're thinking about her eating your pussy aren't you?

She looked up and saw a wolfish look on Robert's face, his phone must be in his lap. 

She typed for a moment, Maybe I was thinking about her face buried in my wet pussy while you fuck my mouth and I moan around your cock. 

She watches as he reads this, a smirk on his face. 

Buzz!  I'm going to fuck more than your mouth. I hope you have an ice pack for tomorrow. You're going to need it. 

Her insides clench at that. She feels so wet she worries she might dehydrate. He reaches under the table and she feels his hand brush her knee, his fingers on her inner thigh for just a moment before he sits back up. To any casual observer, he might have dropped a fork or reached down to scratch his ankle for a moment. 

To her he had blown oxygen across the fire that had been smoldering inside her for hours. She wanted to reach under the table and jam her fingers inside herself and stare at him as she made herself cum right here in the restaurant. 

Now THAT thought was driving her wild!  What would it be like to finger her hot little hole right here in public? How would it be to feel the inner folds of her sex clench and spasm as she tried to hold her sounds in, her body trembling as they watched her wracked with orgasmic bliss?  

Buzz!  She looks down at her phone again. What are we still doing here?  Let's go back to your place so I can fuck you senseless. 

"Tommy, get the check. I'm ready to go home."  Her husband looks at her, sees her need and smiles. 

He signals the waiter for the check and she sees Robert already has his ATM card out to split the bill. 

"Ohhhhh. I've been waiting for this!", Michelle exclaims and her excitement is so cute. she thinks, I'm going to show her a good time. We are going to make her forget all about that OTHER experiences. We are going to fuck her until she screams.

A half hour later they were back home, the sitter relieved and the tension had become a living entity, filling the room with an energy like a storm cloud. She expected lightning to flash through the house at any moment. She could feel the hair on her body trying to stand on end. Her need was so close to being addressed. 

As Tommy excused himself to make some cocktails for everyone, Robert approached her. His intent was evident as he reached for her and she shivered in anticipation of his lips on hers. 

His hand cupped her neck gently but before he could actually kiss her, he was shoved roughly to one side by his wife. 

"No!  Not this time. It's MY turn with her. You already got a taste!"  He laughed as he stepped aside and his wife was now in front of her. Their lips touched and their kiss became something deep and wet and vastly feminine. 

She felt Robert step in close behind her, hugging and pressing his body fully against her, kissing the side of her neck as his wife kissed her lips. She could feel all four of their hands roaming around her body, teasingly caressing her, gripping her hips, rubbing a finger just under the waist of her skirt. Enticingly close to her slick womanhood. 

Robert slipped his hands under her top and lifted it up and over her head, momentarily breaking the kiss. As soon as the fabric cleared, the ladies resumed their sapphic exploration. Womanly energy was just so different than sex with a man. Her hands snaked under Michelle's top and grabbed the large, soft roundness of her breasts, amazed at how full and curvy they were. 

She could feel fingers working the clasp of her bra as this woman's husband exposed her breasts for his wife to play with. She felt the bra slide away and she broke the kiss, taking one of those gorgeous nipples in between her red lips. 

Robert, still standing behind her, grabbed her wrists and brought her hands to the small of her back. Using one large hand he was able to clamp both of her wrists together tightly. His other hand wound in her hair and pulled her head back roughly but not painfully. He made her back arch, thrusting her tits out for his wife to suck on while holding her restrained. 

"Tell her to suck your nipples. Tell her you are hers to use!"  His voice was intoxicating, low and hard whispering in her ear. "Tell her to use you!"

"Oh my God", she exclaimed. "Oh fuck. Use me. Fucking use me. I'm yours. Bite my nipples. Fuck my pussy. Goddamn it, USE ME!"  Her loins were on fire. She could feel her pussy leaking a steady stream down her thighs and she was clenching inside, trying to grip a cock that wasn't there. 

Somewhere in her peripheral vision she noticed Tommy was back and watching. She knew he was smiling widely but she couldn't focus at all. This couple had her in a frenzy. If she could move her hands she would rip her skirt off and beg to be fucked. To be eaten. She would jam her own fingers into herself and saw them in and out noisily until she squirted all over the floor. 

She had waited all day. She NEEDED it. She was shaking now. She felt her body wasn't completely under her control anymore. She was panting hard like a runaway locomotive. 

"Fuck. Please. PLEASE. I need it so bad. Please please please. Oh God. Please touch me. Please make me cum!"  She wasn't even thinking, words just poured out of her from some primal, eternal place within her. Her control was shattered. Her plans for how she was going to start playing on this night buried under an avalanche of liquid need.  

She felt the hand release her hair and her skirt was being ripped off of her. It wasn't gentle. It wasn't slow. Her whole body swayed as the hand yanked her clothes down to her knees. It stuck there and the black laced panties she had put on were a soggy mess pressed against her sex. 

"Don't fucking move your hands.  If you move them I WILL tie you up and make you wait hours to cum. I will drive you mad before letting you finish. You will NOT like it!" My God!  This man!  The things he says!  Her knees threaten to buckle and drop her to the floor. 

He releases her wrists and she clasps her hands together at the small of her back. He kneels and lifts first one leg, then the other, taking her skirt the rest of the way off. 

Then she feels him take the cheap, sexy panties in his hands and she hears the fabric rip at the crotch as he shreds the moist fabric, exposing her messy hole. 

Michelle's fingers slip inside her and her world turns in on itself. Her guts clench and her body immediately starts building towards orgasm. Her creamy little flower wants more. More, more, more, MORE!!!!

His foot kicked her ankles, first the left and then the right. It was like a cop forcing a perp into the frisking position. Her stance was wide, her pussy exposed and open while Michelle's fingers explored inside her. 

"You like that you little slut?"  His voice in her ear again. "You like my wife fingering your wet little pussy hole?"  His words made her moan out loud. 

SMACK!  His hand left a tingling burn behind, her right ass cheek blazing with heat of it. His fingers caressed down the hot flesh, teasingly. 

SMACK!  Again his hand came down and the sound of it echoed around the room. 

"Answer me little girl. Do you like my wife fingering your slutty little hole?"

"Fuck yeah. I fucking love it."  Her voice was rough and husky to her ears. Her widely spread legs wobbled a bit as this woman bit lightly at her nipple. 

She could feel this sexy man probing with his fingers from behind her, slipping one finger inside her to join the two his wife already had in her. Her pussy clenched hard and she gasped as he grabbed her hair again, yanking her head back and to the left. His lips found her neck and trailed nibbling little kisses from her shoulder up to her ear lobe. 

She felt that familiar rising tide within her and knew that she was moments from her orgasm. Her hips thrust and her pelvis bucked against the fingers inside of her. She rotated her hips hard against Michelle's palm, grinding her clit against her. 

Her breath came faster, blasting out of her lungs in desperate little grunts. Somewhere between the third and fourth exhale her orgasm kindled to life inside her. The pleasure centers that had been denied all day crashed into action, electric pulses of pure bliss ravished her mind. Her entire universe existed on a pin point inside her clit. The fire that ignited was soul consuming. She felt her legs go weak as her knees buckled. She thought she would hit the floor but his strong hands were on her, holding her upright as her body shook and convulsed violently. 

Her orgasm was massive and she could feel the fluid gush out of her all over Michelle's fingers and hand. She could HEAR it dripping on the floor. 

Finally it was over. She collapsed back into him, letting him hold the weight of her. Her eyes were closed, her body limp and boneless. 

He scooped her up like a child in his arms and laid her gently on the couch. She struggled to open her eyes and saw him looming over her. His cock pressed painfully into the crotch of his jeans. 

"Did you cum sweetie?"

Oh my God, was he serious?  

"Yes. Yes I came. Hard."

"That's great. Really, really great."  He stopped talking but stared at her without blinking. After a moment he continued. "One thing dear. Did you ask PERMISSION to cum?"  The threat in his voice was apparent. She felt her pussy clench again at his game. His tone. 


"That's a BAD girl. And bad girls must be punished. How else will they learn......?"

He reached for the bag they had brought in, a black Coach overnight back and unzipped it. She looked over and saw Michelle and Tommy kissing each other, their hands roam around under each other's clothes. 

She turned back towards the man in front of her and saw that he had a leather paddle in his grip. It was grey and had eyelets in it. Through these eyelets was a pink ribbon woven beautifully and tied in a bow. The look on his face promised that he knew how to use this toy very well. 

He laid the paddle down beside her and on the couch to her left.  He took her hair in his hand and pulled her towards him, kissing her roughly before pulling back and looking into her eyes. 

"You remember your warning word, don't you?  The word you will use if you feel yourself nearing an emotional or physical limit."  

Fuck!  What had it been?  Her eyes darted nervously as her mind scrambled to remember. His face started to twist into a disappointed irritation when it leapt to mind. 

"Orange!  Orange like a safety vest. Warning. Use caution!"  Relief flooded through her that she remembered. 

"And what is your safe word?  What is the word that ends everything?"  His gaze was still hard. But his anger had backed down now that he knew she was taking this seriously. 

"Apple", no hesitation this time. She remembered that apples are red. Red means stop. 

"Good girl. And you DO understand that if you say apple, tonight is over. It isn't that we back off and do something different. If you safeword, all play is done until our next date. Do NOT fail to use your warning word. If you get to the safeword I will be VERY disappointed in you. Very upset that you let me push you that far."  His voice was hard and serious. She could see the Dom in him. The control. The discipline. He wouldn't tolerate anything less than compliance in this. 

"I understand Sir."  She hoped this would please him. 

"Do NOT call me Sir. I am not your Sir. I have not given you a collar. You haven't earned that yet. You may never. When we play you will call me R.  Do you understand?"  He wasn't angry. But again his rule was stated without room for debate or negotiation. 

"I understand." 

His fist tightened painfully in her hair, "You understand......what?"

"I understand....R?"  Her voice was unsure and his hand actually hurt in her hair. 

"Good girl."  He smiled as he said it and released her, moving his hand behind her shoulder and guiding her down and across his lap, her ass bare and raised in the air. "Now we will address your poor behavior. Having an orgasm without permission!"

She looked up towards where Michelle and Tommy were playing, watching Michelle stroke and suck on his cock while his lips and tongue worked on one of her nipples. His hand was down between her legs and she could see his fingers slipping in and out of her while his cock disappeared into her mouth. 

Just watching her husband getting his cock sucked made her want to cum again. She had almost forgotten that she was stretched out over this man's lap like a child from the turn of the century, her ass exposed and about to be paddled. She almost forgot about the hard stabbing feel of him pressing up against her belly, a promise of things to come. 

Almost forgot. Almost lost her place as she watched her husband play. 

The paddled landed firmly, the loud crack of the leather kissing her upturned ass like a gunshot in the mostly silent room, and her reality rushed back to her. The burning and tingling sensation made her squirm hard. She wanted to get away, escape from the sting, but at the same time her body screamed for more. She wanted it. Wanted it badly!

"Your orgasms belong to ME when we play. You understand me?"  Before she could answer the paddle landed again, this time on the other cheek. It's intense heat blossomed there as well and she let out a little gasping cry. His hand replaced the paddle, rubbing and caressing gently. Soothing the sting away. 

"You will NOT cum without asking permission. And if I say no, you BETTER not cum. No matter what I do to you. No matter what anyone does to you. You better control yourself. Am I clear?"  Oh my God. Oh my FUCKING God. 

"Yes!!  Yes I understand. Yes, my orgasms are yours!  Yes, yes!"

"Glad we have an understanding. Now let's make sure you won't forget."  

The paddle rained down on her upturned ass. No blow as hard as the first two but they kept coming, covering every inch of her cute little raised behind. Her whole lower body felt like she had dipped into a hot bath. She couldn't see it but knew her ass was warm and pink and glowing from the thorough spanking. 

And then it was over. His hand touched her, fingertips light as a feather. Her raised her head a bit and kissed her earlobe again. 

"Good girl. Very good girl. Later I will show you the difference between a discipline spanking and a pleasure spanking. It IS your birthday after all. I do owe you a fun spanking."

His words made her insides all warm and fluttery. She didn't feel capable of speaking. Her eyes rested on her husband again. Michelle making loud moaning sounds as he slurped and licked between her legs, tasting her and driving her towards her first of many orgasms of the night. 

Her ass was still warm and buzzing from the paddling when he pushed her, making her put her feet on the floor or else tumble to the ground. 

He stood in front of her and put one hand on her shoulder, gently but firmly pushing down until she dropped to her knees. He slowly unbuckled his belt and loosened his pants, letting them drop to the floor. She reached out and grabbed his warm, hard cock through his boxers. 

She stroked it through the thin fabric with one hand while hooking the finger of her other under the elastic waistband, pulling them down and exposing his manhood. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and looked up at him, taking him into her mouth as she stared into his eyes. 

She felt his hand cup the back of her head, guiding her deeper and deeper. She abandoned trying to keep eye contact and concentrated on taking as much of him into her mouth as she could without gagging. She used her lips and hand to maintain pressure, pushing her tongue hard against the underside of his cock, sliding the loose sheath of skin over the hardened rod. 

She felt him thrusting, fucking himself in and out of her wet and willing mouth. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face and she was so turned on she dropped her hands to her sex and rubbed her clit in small, slow circles while he used her. 

One of his hands pinched hard at her nipple, pulling the taut little flesh until she gasped, exhaling a small moan that was muffled by the hard dick in her mouth. 

"Hey, we're going to the bedroom. This couch isn't good to fuck on."  She saw Tommy and Michelle, now naked, walking hand in hand towards the back of the house. "Come join us when you're done in here."

She looked up at him, his cock still more than half buried between her lips. 

"Guess it's just us now sweetie. Just me and you. A bad girl who cums without permission."  

He puts his hands under her armpits and lifts her until she is standing in front of him. He puts one hand in the center of her chest and pushes her until her back hits the wall. He takes both her wrists in one hand and pins them hard against the wall, raised over her head. 

She mewls and spreads her legs, trying to grind herself against his thigh. His knee comes up and presses hard against her wet pussy, further pinning her to the wall. His free hand is at her throat, like a collar made of his fingers, tight and confining. 

"I'm going to fuck you slut. Right against this fucking wall. And you better not cum. You better not even think about it. Not until I tell you that you can!"

She could hear erotic moaning sounds drifting from the other room and knew that Tommy was making Michelle feel good. From the sounds of it he was making her feel VERY good. They weren't kidding when they said she was multiorgasmic. 

She felt herself spun around, face pressed against the wall and his fingers entered her from behind, peeling away her outer lips and sinking into the velvety softness inside. 

"Look at you", he spoke into her ear, his breath warm against her delicate skin, "You love this don't you?  You've been wanting to be used like the little fuck doll that you are all week, haven't you?"

"Yes. Oh yes, I WANT this."

"You want this WHAT?"  His hand tightened in her hair again, pulling her face away from the wall. 

"I want this R.  Oh fuck, I want this."

"Put your hands on the wall above your head and don't move. Spread your legs."  

He stepped away and she felt a rush of excitement and anxiety.  She had no idea what he was doing. What else he might have in that bag of theirs. 

He stepped up behind her again and slapped her on the ass with his bare hand. 

"Reach back and spread yourself open. Show me what you want me to take."  She shivered and she reached back and took her ass cheeks in each and and spread herself open. She felt so vulnerable. So EXPOSED to him. She knew her puckered little asshole was opened wide and she could feel the dewy lips of her sex parted. 

She jumped as she felt the tip of his finger BARELY touch her little pucker. He didn't try to force it in (thank God! She wasn't even lubed up!) but just teased it the tiniest bit. 

"What a beautiful asshole you have my good girl. So sexy."  She could hear him tearing open the little fool packet of a condom and a moment later his hard presence was at her opening. 

"Tell me", he whispered, "tell me you want me inside of you."

"Oh please R. Please fuck me. Please shove your cock inside of me. I've been waiting SO LONG!"

With one hard thrust, he stabbed into her, driving her hard against the wall. He took her wrists in his hands and pulled her backwards against him, using her arms to leverage her body and driving even deeper into her cozy little fold of flesh. 

God it felt good to be filled up. To be stretched by the girth of him. Finally that itch was being scratched!  She could feel her body responding and she knew that she was going to cum. Her body was RACING towards it and he thrust into her over and over. 

His hands were rough. His hands were gentle. He pulled her hair and covered her ass in stinging slaps but he also caressed her body so gently and kissed her neck, her shoulders, nibbled on her earlobes. He whispered things to her she could only half remember. Some of them sweet. Some wickedly dirty. 

And all the while she tried desperately not to cum. Not until she had permission. It was AGONY!

Her insides fluttered and the familiar pulse of her building orgasm consumed her. It's slow but steady beating rhythm making her aware that she really had no control at all. Each thunderous beat of it making her hold her breath as the impending climax built momentum and amplitude. Each wave coming just a little quicker than the last, allowing her to exhale between the metronome of her body's intensifying urge to milk his cock with her spasming cleft. 

She tried to stop it, tried to push her mind away but though was nearly impossible. The surges kept coming harder and closer together.  The ancient dance of mating, the contractions inside her swelling towards the inevitable. 

His hand snaked around under her chin, gripping her throat tightly. He pulled her head back with a fistful of her hair and squeezed firmly around her throat. 

His voice was hot and urgent in her ear. "Don't you cum. Don't you dare fucking cum yet."  He released her throat and dropped his hand to her breast, pinching her nipple between his fingers and pulling it out away from her body, making her breast stretch. His fingers were painful and she went up onto her toes, making small whimpering sounds.  He stopped right in the threshold between pleasure and pain, just below her limit, feeling her pussy GRIP hard on his shaft as her body reacted to what he was doing. 

"You like that don't you?  You're a little pain slut. A little subbie angel who loves to be used. To be fucked and spanked and forced to be a little sex object. A toy to be used. I can see you very clearly little girl. I can feel your little pussy grabbing me hard. SHE likes what I'm doing."

Her orgasm RUSHED closer. Her breath stopped and she STRAINED with all of her might not to let it overtake her. She hovered on the edge and she felt him slow, barely moving inside her as she rocked on that cliff face, her balance precarious. 

She reached up and grabbed her other nipple and pinched it as hard as she could stand it. She flew right over that pain and pleasure threshold and it felt like she was holding a lit match against the little hardened tip of her breast. She focussed on the pain, squeezing harder and harder until her orgasm receded, until she could breath again. 

She exhaled roughly and as she released her nipple the burn intensified, bringing tears to her eyes. But she was fiercely proud of herself. She hadn't cum. It was a close thing. She had been a hairs breadth away from plunging over the abyss and cumming all over his hard cock. Had he began fucking her in earnest she would have had no chance at all. 

"Good girl", he stroked her hair, running fingers through it, "Very good girl. You almost lost it. But you didn't. You've pleased me."

It was silly. Stupid really, but she couldn't deny the pleasure she felt at his praise. 

He pulled out of her and her body felt empty and hollow. He spun her to face him and bent, putting his shoulder right next to her belly button. With a startled little scream, she found herself slung over his shoulder like a prize won at a carnival. 

He carried her that way, a cave woman back to the cave, as he went to find his wife. How much more fun would it be to have her help him torment her without letting her orgasm?!?

Michelle was laying flat on her back and Tommy was between her legs, his fingers buried inside her as he sucked on her tiny clit. Her eyes were closed and she was making enough noise that there was no doubt that Tom was doing a good job. 

Still slung over one shoulder, he announced their presence in the room with a solid slap on her ass, leaving behind a red handprint and an echoing, skin on skin sound that made both of their partners look up. 

She found herself being lowered back down from his shoulder and her knees were on either side of Michelle's face. This woman's body stretched out away from her and she looked into her husband's eyes as he continued licking and sucking between her legs. 

She felt Michelle's head come up off the bed and her tongue flicked against the wet and throbbing space between her own legs. She shuddered and bent down, pushing her husband away so she could taste and tease her waxed little pussy herself. 

She pressed herself down, feeling those feminine lips plastered to her sex as they both tasted each other's excitement. She reached around Michelle's hips, grabbing her ass as she pushed her tongue inside her, feeling her big, soft tits pressed into her inner thighs. 

Suddenly there was a cock in front of her face, Robert had positioned himself where Tommy had been. She lifted off of Michelle's pussy and took him into her mouth. As she let him thrust inside her, she pressed the flat of her tongue hard against the underside of his shaft and at the same time pushed her lips into a hard little O around the shaft so when he pulled out it would rub the loose skin over his stiff member. 

Michelle was still licking at her clit when she felt Tommy press himself into her from behind, filling her with his hot cock while she moaned from having a woman's lips and tongue rocking her little button back and forth. 

Robert pulled out of her mouth and positioned himself to enter his wife. She took his cock in her hand and helped him align it with his wife's wet opening.  She watched as the length of him sank into her slippery body. As he slowly stroked in and out of her, she leaned back down and started flicking her tongue across her clit. She could feel the vibration on her own clit as Michelle moaned and panted from the dual stimulation. 

Tommy was holding her hips and burying himself deep inside her, stretching her and poking painfully against her uterus. She was so turned on that even that pain was making her ache in need. 

Robert grabbed her by the hair again, pulling her face away from his wife's clit and pulled out of her, his cock shiny and coated with her sweet nectar. He shoved his cock between her lips, filling her mouth with the taste of his wife's wet pussy juice. 

"Suck my cock. Clean it up you little slut. Be a good girl. Taste it all."  The words were driving her wild. She was peripherally aware that Tommy had pulled out of her and she could her the wet, slurping sounds as Michelle sucked the taste of her pussy off of her husband's hard cock. 

The hand in her hair made her take more and more of his shaft into her mouth. Then he pulled out, slapped her twice on the cheek with his wet prick and shoved it back into his wife's hot little kitty. 

Still with a hand full of her hair, he forced her face back against his wife's little mound and she obediently started sucking on her clit again, amazed at the raw, kinky sexuality of this encounter. 

Fuck!  She couldn't wait to cum. She felt Tommy at her opening again and when he started fucking her it was hard and deep. She could tell how turned on he was by the way he was fucking. His thrusts were primitive. Deep and demanding. Brutal. 

She fucking loved it. 

Again Robert pulled out of his wife's dripping wet pussy and stuck his cock back in her mouth. This time he grabbed her hair in one hand and the back of her head with the other, thrusting into her mouth like he was still fucking his wife. 

She struggled and fought the urge to gag as he fucked her face fast and hard, using her mouth like it was made to serve his throbbing member. 

This time Tommy continued to fuck her, each hammering thrust pushing her forward, threatening to cause her to gag on another man's cock. They each fucked her hard like they wanted to meet in the middle, fucking her like a rag doll from either end. 

His hands left her head and gripped her hips, pushing her back harder against her husband's painful thrusts. The motion made his cock drive deeper into her abused little hole and she could hear him panting as he fucked her hard. 

Michelle's mouth was still on her clit and she could feel her orgasm catching fire within her. 

With an almost preternatural instinct, Robert saw her teeter on the edge of her orgasm and pulled her forward, Tommy's cock slipping out of her completely. 

His hand came down in a series of stinging, painful slaps on her ass. Her delicate skin turned a bright, tomato red and her orgasm fled. 

He grabbed her hair roughly and brought her face up to his. 

"Don't you DARE cum!  You didn't ask permission!"  One hand still in her hair he pulled her off of his wife. 

Tommy looked at her for a moment, concerned about the rough play.  She didn't notice but when he led her to a chair and told her to lean over his lap, he could see her willingly obey and could tell she was highly turned on by Robert's dominant play style. 

Tommy turned his attention back to Michelle, grabbing a condom and preparing to fuck her. His aching cock needed to be inside her immediately. 

"You almost came, didn't you?!?"  His voice was hard and accusatory. "I've been VERY clear about the rules. But you continue to be disobedient!"  His hand left another stinging burn as he chastised her. 

"Go get my paddle and bring it to me and then bend over my lap."  She scurried to obey, bringing back the leather paddle and bending back over his knees, presenting her reddened ass.

"I like your hand better."  No sooner were the words out that paddle cracked across her right cheek harder than anything he had done before. Her body arched up in a bow of heated pain followed by a cooling rush of adrenaline and endorphins as her body tried to soothe the pain.

"You don't tell me what you like. What you like is immaterial. You take what I give you for punishment and reflect on obedience!  I will NOT tell you again."  After that she tried to stay quiet as he paddled her ass again and again, it felt like her entire ass had gone numb from the stinging pain of the blows. 

It may have been unbearable but he had slipped his other hand between her belly and his lap and he was gently rocking her clit in little strokes as he paddled her. The combined sensation of her burning ass and her aching pussy threatened to overwhelm her. Despite the spanking, she felt her orgasm approaching once again. 

"Oh my God. Oh fuck. Oh-oh-oh", she started shuddering as the warring sensations began building momentum on one another, "Oh fuck. Please. Please can I cum. Oh FUUUCCCKKK!!!"

He dropped the paddle and pressed harder against her clit while slipping two fingers from his other hand into her from behind, finger fucking her hard and mercilessly. 

"Cum for me. Give me your fucking orgasm!"

Her orgasm kindled inside her, she felt that wave of euphoria as pleasure exploded deep inside her. Her brain flooded with chemical overload, synapses firing in a staccato rhythm as her body bowed, spasming violently. 

She shuttered, her legs kicking uncontrollably for several moments before her body slumped, limp and exhausted. Her breath rushed out of her in a contented sigh, her body languidly relaxed. 

Her hair was being pulled and she as she floated in her post orgasmic bliss, a voice whispering in her ear, "Good girl, now suck my cock you little slut."

Her mind purred. This was going to be an AMAZING connection.....

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