8: Mario Kart, Buying floggers, Ponys, Pecker pills


Mistress SinD and Mister Bill live-interview a colorful group of people at DomCon. They talk about dominance and submission, making floggers,  needles, pony play and a lot more!

More test results in the Lucious Labs.

Jon present a new iteration of "Naughty Mario Kart".  If you have a Wii, a portable and a sense of humor, contact Jon.

(Update: Wii has discontinued their online gaming, much to the chagrin of this bunch of drunken swingers)

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode set.

In this episode:


4: Domming with Mister Bill


BDSM CollarWe have an in-depth interview with Mister Bill, and experienced dominant in the BDSM scene.  He explains the historical meaning, and practical implementations.  We discuss "What is BDSM", "spanking", "power play" and the differences between the BDSM/kink scene and the kink scene and how single men get treated in each lifestyle.  There is also the question of whether  polyamory is common in BDSM relationships?

The professor finds alternative ways to use her WeVibe vibrator in our luscious labs.
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