When a delivery is MORE than a delivery

It started out EXACTLY like a porn video does… I drove to my girlfriend Eden’s house to drop off some sex toys for her and her buxom friend Adrienne. What happened next was totally unexpected and delicious.

Eden’s boyfriend Lex showed up. Tall, handsome, with muscular thighs and a chiseled jawline, he looked like he could model for Patagonia.

We were sitting on the various couches in Eden’s living room when Lex laid on his back on the floor.

“Do you mind if I play with him?” Eden asked. I shook my head. Adrienne replied, “Don’t let me stop you.” So Eden pulled out Lex’s long, thick perfect cock and started playing with it.

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The Assistant

It was a stressful day. Nothing was going right at work and I found myself sitting at my desk tapping my foot impatiently while resting my head in my palm. My assistant came in and saw the exasperated look on my face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m stressed,” I replied.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked. I looked up at his broad chest and muscular thighs. He was eager to please. I can work with this, I thought.

“You can take off your clothes and sit on my desk facing me,” I instructed. His face flushed but I could see his pants get tighter across his crotch. Good. I want to play. He complied easily. I suspected he’d been harboring fantasies about me for a while. His clothes fell in a pile on the floor. He moved toward my desk.

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