The Assistant

It was a stressful day. Nothing was going right at work and I found myself sitting at my desk tapping my foot impatiently while resting my head in my palm. My assistant came in and saw the exasperated look on my face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m stressed,” I replied.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked. I looked up at his broad chest and muscular thighs. He was eager to please. I can work with this, I thought.

“You can take off your clothes and sit on my desk facing me,” I instructed. His face flushed but I could see his pants get tighter across his crotch. Good. I want to play. He complied easily. I suspected he’d been harboring fantasies about me for a while. His clothes fell in a pile on the floor. He moved toward my desk.

“No,” I stopped him. ”Lay your clothes across the file cabinet and then sit on my desk. Facing me.” I could see his cock twitch as I spoke. One moist droplet appeared on the engorged tip of his dick. I licked my lips. Time to play.

He sat on my desk and his perfect smooth cock stood at attention. I grabbed his thighs and pushed them apart. ”You are doing so well,” I praised him. ”It relaxes me to play with your cock. I’m going to touch it and stroke it and taste it and lick it. I’m going to eat you like you’re never been eaten before. I have 30 minutes until my next appointment. I want you to last that long. Do you understand me?”

He nodded his head.

“Good,” I gave him my approval. ”If you fail me I will replace you. I know you don’t want to be replaced now, do you?” He shook his head no. Vigorously. I smiled.

I lowered my head until my lips almost touched his cock. I exhaled my hot breath onto it. He shuddered. ”I want to hear how much you’re enjoying this,” I whispered. ”If you are quiet, I will not be happy. Understood?” He nodded, his eyes closed. He was focused on the sensation of my breath on his cock.

Hungering for touch, I stuck out my tongue and gently ran it from the base of his cock up and over his frenulum to the moist little slip on top. He groaned and his head dropped to one side. I repeated those gentle licks over and over again until he was desperate for a deep, strong stroke. His thighs were shaking.

I pushed him so he was leaning back on his elbows on my desk. His asshole was right at the edge of my desk. I licked the tip of my finger and rubbed it against that soft dark patch of skin. It puckered and he squirmed closer to me. Yes. More.

I lowered my mouth on his shaft while I stroked his anus with my finger. I could taste his cum. Could he last another 25 minutes? I wasn’t sure. His moans were relaxing me and I was enjoying his cock, though.

I continued to eat his cock like it was a juicy piece of meat and I was a starving woman. His hips rocked back and forth against my chest. I paused and unbuttoned my blouse. I removed my bra. My breasts rubbed against his cock and balls. He opened his eyes and shuddered at the sight of my breasts cradling his dick.

“Do you like my breasts?” I asked. ”Yes,” he sighed. ”Sit up then and fuck them,” I told him. He sat upright and rocked his slick cock against my breasts. I shoved them tighter around his shaft.

He must me thinking about cumming all over my gorgeous tits, I thought. He slowed down his pace. He was already close to climaxing. ”Faster,” I instructed him. He bit his lip to keep from cumming. “Slower,” I told him, showing him a little bit of mercy.

I lowered my head and licked the tip of his cock with each stroke he made. He sighed. 15 minutes to go. Maybe he’d make it.

“Stand up,” I told him. He stood. I put his cock in my mouth and wrapped a slippery hand around his shaft. Up and down. Up and down. I worked him until he was shivering and grunting with pleasure. His thighs trembled from the strain of holding back.

I pulled back and laid my wet hand, palm up, on my desk.

“Lay on my hand,” I told him. He frowned for a second then leaned his cock into my hand. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and squeezed rhythmically. He was laying on my desk with his cock in my hand.

“Spread your thighs. Pull apart your cheeks. I want to eat your ass,” I instructed him.

He moved his thighs far apart. I continued to gently squeeze his cock. I pushed his legs further apart so he was exposed. He reached back and spread his butt cheeks. He was shaking. The excitement of a forbidden pleasure, no doubt.

I slid my tongue in his crack, from the top all the way to his convulsing asshole. He was delightful. His hips pushed against my hand, working his cock in my palm as I danced the top of my tongue against his hole. He couldn’t figure out how to get enough of my tongue and my hand at the same time so he rocked back and forth. More ass. More cock. More ass. More cock. He was speaking incoherently. Yes. More Oh. Fuck.

He was a delight. Trying so hard to hold off his climax. 5 minutes to go. He was writhing. My desk was covered in his sweat, juice, and my saliva. He’d have a good time wiping that off later, I thought as I flattened my tongue to lick a wide path on his asshole. Shivers.

I was dripping wet myself. Such a good assistant. Maybe I’d let him lick all my juices when I was done with him.

“Flip over,” I told him. He turned over and glanced at the clock, knowing it was nearly time to blow his wad.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked him. I licked his frenulum. He nodded.

“I can’t hear you,” I said, admonishing him. ”I’m not sure I should let you cum if you can’t ask for it properly.”

“I want to cum.” The words rushed out of him. ”Please.”

“Better,” I smiled. My mouth and lips resumed their work on his cock. The tip of my tongue swirled around his shaft. I grabbed the base of his dick with my right hand and tightened my fingers around it, stroking it gently. My left hand grasped his balls and softly pulled them away from his cock.

His hips rocked hard against me. He was fucking my face like a possessed man. Groans and grunts and moans came out of him. They were deep guttural sounds he’d never made before. He was wild. Panting. Exhaling.

I could feel the big vein in the shaft of his penis swell and I knew he was close to cumming.

He yelled. My mouth filled with his salty semen. More and more. He kept yelling. Thrusting his hips.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.” It was all he could say and he kept repeating it as his orgasm took over his entire body and kept going.

Finally, he dropped flat on my desk. He was panting heavily. His legs were over my shoulders, shaking. I looked at the clock. 30 minutes. He made it. Such a good assistant.

“Excellent,” I purred to him. ”I knew you could do it.” I untangled myself from him.

He looked at me questioningly as I put on my bra and blouse.

“Can I eat you?” he asked.

“Maybe later,” I replied. ”For now, I’d like you to clean up this mess you made on my desk. I have an appointment to keep.”

And I walked out the door.

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