33: How to set up swinger site profiles, with Emily from Kasidie



We talk to Emily from the swinger site "Kasidie".   She explains her travels thru the swinging lifestyle and her experiences on Playboy TV, in the "Swing" show with Scott and Nicoletta.

We explain the basic principles:

  • How to pick a swinger site that works for you
  • How to look for sexy events in your neighborhood
  • Picking a good username/profile/handle
  • Getting certified as a real member
  • The importance of pictures (not just of your junk)
  • Which pictures should be public and which should be kept private
  • Clean your room before taking pictures!  Yes, get rid of the laundry!
  •  Selfies or not?
  • Contacting people: How many emails should you send?

The girls ponder sweaty naked yoga, and the merits of yoga pants, and coming out as non-monogamous to you parents or (as in Jon's case) have your parent come out to you.

Mistress SinD announces the new fitness & health section on Bliss Bringers and her own "Girls Uncorked" chapter.  For more information on that, check out Kasidie or our calendar.  We are getting ready for another "Fetish & Fantasy" event, which is bound to be awesome.  Check out our podcast of last year if you don't believe us. 🙂

Cameo appearances of "Beyond the Love" and "Swingland" (who will be in one of the upcoming episodes).

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