16: Raunchy Roadtrip to LA


RoadTripOn our roadtrip to Los Angeles, we stop in for a warm visit with Phyllis Serene, esteemed author of "All my Heros are Ho's", creator of the naughty Lovebites gloves and Goddess University. We were pleasantly surprised with a big hug and welcomed into her home with formal tea together! (Full interview with Serene can be listened to in the podcast Domcom interviews).

We celebrate Mr. Bill's birthday at Dragon's gate with a lot of naughty fun, during which we completely corrupt and seduce "Technogeisha" from the terrific "The Kinky Geeks Podcast".  And yes, there is a first-hand live interview debrief of her encounters with villainous Reverend Jon and his luscious redheaded wife, Mistress SinD

Spending time with a poly-newbie learning the art of "non monogamy", we try to educate and recommend "Opening Up" as a guide to lead her and her husband into blissful multi-relationships.

Since we were in town, we had to interview Dahna Designs, creator of exquisite corsets and costumes.

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On Getting the Party Started with a Card Game


Swinger parties are sex parties. We all know that.  But even if everyone knows what will ultimately happen, someone needs to start the action.

It's not always easy to know when or how to get things going.  Sometimes, people are coy, maybe not wanting to seem overly eager (why not?).  We are not all equally gifted at getting things going.

We've been to a few house parties in our local scene where you've got a whole bunch of sexy people in a room, drinking and chatting and chatting and drinking. And a couple of hours later you still have a whole bunch of sexy people hanging out, chatting and drinking, drinking and chatting.

No one wants to make the first move.   Or a couple of people slip away quietly upstairs, which is fine, but for some of us (me), the real fun happens when the sex starts happening right there and everyone is a part of it.

Slipping away to another room might have its place, but it's a sex party, dammit. Where’s the orgy? Yes, flirting and foreplay is hot. It makes me wet, gets me excited about the prospect of who I have my eye on to play with later. It's all a part of the fun.  But let’s assume that most of us want to move on from appetizers to the main course and dessert.

Recently, on an eight day sailing vacation with five sexy swinger couples, a sixty foot catamaran, and day after day of pristine waters, beautiful coves, and perfect winds, we experimented with a few different ways to get the party started. Continue reading

Recooperating from Halloween


I'm chilling out on Sunday evening after a long and busy weekend in Vegas with Mr. SFCuties. Here's the recap...

Last Halloween was the first time my husband and I experienced a 3 some. Sort of like dipping our toe in the water to check the temperature before jumping in with both feet. I guess you can say, we lost our virginity to "swinging" last year. And here we are a year later, enjoying the Lifestyle and a new level of intimacy its brought into our lives.

This Halloween was spent down in Vegas. Sin City...Where ALL the freaks come out at night! We spent two HOT nights in Vegas with very little sleep. We're running on fumes tonight, almost ready for bed and its only 9pm.

We met some great couples from the Purrrrfect Halloween Party in Vegas. Iman (Hostess) put together a great Halloween Party at the Cathouse in the Luxor.  She's a sexy and very hardworking lady. There were LOTS of people at the Cathouse dressed up in SEXY costumes..YUMMY!

My Hubby ended up on the bathroom floor in the hotel room with a Playboy bunny (LOL). That's a story in itself we'll save for later 🙂

Saturday night, we decided to carry on the evening at the "Night After" Halloween Party over at the Couples Oasis Swing Club. There were LOTS of sexy people dressed up in great costumes. My favorite costume was a guy dressed up like Anna Nicole Smith with big boobs and a blond wig. I felt compelled to placing my lip-marks on his big chested area with bright colored lipstick 🙂

That man was GREAT at Pole Dancing!! (RTFL-LMAO). There were people laughing, dancing, kissing, and having a great time together. It felt like we'd known these people for a long time. These are the types of clubs its easy to just relax and enjoy Life.  (Check out Couples Oasis in Vegas sometime!)

We ended up in the hot tub with 3-4 couples, enjoying the moment, and watching our little rubber ducky float in between the meshing bodies. (By the way, if anyone locates the duck, give us a call, he's gone MIA!)

The two nights of Sin city was a perfect amount of time to be naughty and then come home to rest, preparing for our upcoming week of "vanilla life at work".

HugZ & KisseZ,
Mrs. SFCuties