Kinky Tip: How to hide your sex furniture hooks

In our brand-spanking new Youtube channel, Jon explains how to hide the hook that is needed to hang your sex/kinky furniture (like a sex swing, bondage ring or suspension gear) and make it totally invisible to your snooping family members or friends.


Check out the video above, or on the Youtube channel.  Make sure to subscribe.

Most importantly: What tips do you have that can benefit the community?  Post it in the comments.Sharing is caring!


Well fuck you too, Google!

Google-censorDear Google,

We had a nice blog on the "blogger" service for many years, but it is time we break up.  We took the beatings long enough, without consent.

Reason 1: Google adsense is disallowed on adult sites

The terms and conditions for "Adsense", one of the most well-paying advertising platforms, prohibits it being used on our blogs.   This cuts us out of a major income opportunity.

Reason 2: Blocking advertising on "adult blogs"

In 2013, Google prohibited our blogs from having advertisers.  Adsense was already blocked, and this made sure we were not getting paid any other way.

Reason 3: De-ranking adult content from search results

Also in 2013, the search algorithms were changed to decrease visibility of pages having any sort of adult content (in word or in picture).  This made it even harder for us to be found.

Reason 4: Google killed all the "erotic" apps in the play store.

In 2014, we released our own podcast-app, in the Google play store.  It contained not a single picture, not a single dirty word.  However, we still got banned, because it played our podcasts.  The fact that there are a multitude of podcast applications out there that do the exact same thing didn't dissuade them.

Further irony: I built the Life On the Swingset app as well, using the exact same code, and it is still being sold.

Our application can now be found on the Amazon app store.

Reason 5: Blogs are made "private"

This is the latest:

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

After this policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this policy. Also, we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing blog to comply as soon as possible, so that you won't experience any interruptions in service.

Our SFCuties blog did not contain any nudity, but is still affected.

What does this mean?

Once a blog is made "private", it means that it basically has "fallen off the internet".  Only people who we manually invite will be to view it, if they try hard enough.   In other words: No more visitors.

Furthermore, those who running a podcast from their blog will have even more issues: If iTunes cannot access the site, the RSS feed becomes broken, and the music dies.

What are we going to do about this?  We have moved all the content from the other blogs into this one, so that it may live on, and will be killing off the Google properties.

We (and most in the sex positive community) got the message loud and clear, and are packing our bags and heading out of the Google apartment.

For further reading on the subject, I recommend the write up "Google's sex censorhip timeline" from the ever magnificent (and not mention incredibly sexy) Violet Blue.


Sex & the Heart

Did you ever wonder how much of a workout you get during a good session of sex?   I did.  And now, thanks to the Fitbit bracelet with built-in heart rate and activity monitor, anybody can find out.

 FitbitSessionYes, you can have your fuck-session graphed in glorious colors.


  • All this activity burned about as much calories as in a small candy bar.
  • The part at the end where I am receiving a blowjob is clearly visible
  • Having an orgasm seems to be less impact-full to the heart rate than I expected

For optimal data gathering, I feel that both people should be wearing a heart rate monitor, so that we can compare activity levels.  Any geeky women out there that want to science?

Miss Victoria goes to Las Vegas

Hello, how do you do? My name is Victoria S. I live in London, England. I used to know very little about ‘alternative lifestyles’, beyond a couple of sex and fetish parties I might have gone to just to stare. And reading Fifty Shades. Yes, I confess, I read it. In my defense, I thought it was rubbish.

Fetish & Fantasy Ball 2014My curiosity built over a couple of years back home, but I didn’t really get a chance to engage more proactively until this year. You know how it starts: a bit of vanilla spanking, you like how it feels… You buy some kinky boots because they make you feel sexy, you find a party to go to where you can wear them… And before you know it, you’re flogging behinds at the annual Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas!

It all started in earnest at Burning Man this year. I went there with Mister Bill, whom I had met there last year, and a bunch of his friends from Dragon’s Gate. That’s how I had the pleasure of meeting the full cast from Bliss Bringers: Mistress SinD, Reverend Jon, Professor Tea and The Captain.

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50 shades again...



Yes, we know that the trailer to "Fifty shades of grey" is released.

Just like when the books series was at peak hype, we get asked a lot for opinions on this, so here's a handy reference list.

  • What do you think about the movie?
    It will probably suck mildly, yet make millions.
  • What did you think about the books?
    They are mediocre porn, with bad story-telling.
  • What about the BDSM in the books?
    It was written by somebody who's entire experience seems to consist of a few hours on Google.  Some of the items really exist, but are put way out of context or use in an unrealistic fashion.
  • How do you feel about this release?


Love it.

The practicality of the BDSM in it is bollocks.  People who use them as a handbook for "the BDSM lifestyle" are going to have a bad time, but so do people who use porn as sex-ed.   It's sensationalized, exaggerated and shoe-horned into a story line.

But that doesn't really matter.

The important part is:  This book series and movie (series?) makes BDSM and kink approachable as  it gets dragged into central stage for a while.  This will do something that the sex-positive community can't dream to accomplish: Expose millions to the fact that "alternative lifestyles" do exists and are worth exploring.

I can tolerate the companies wanting to make a quick buck by selling "50 shades" branded merchandise.  Once it breaks, we can direct the people to  the Stockroom to buy real gear.  A bunch of people will be curious about all this, and Google may drive some of them into our community.  Yes, most of them will be too scared to attend a "munch" (a "meet&greet"), but they may read a book or listen to a podcast...  and a percentage of those will make the jump.

We will be there with open arms, flogger in hand.

Oh, it also gets us laid more. 🙂

Don't judge me, OkCupid!


During my recent birthday, I got this message from OKCupid.

They refused to send me a fling, just because I am already in a relationship!  That's eh... "relationist!".

So, keep your carb-loaded cake and send me some hot meat instead!


FTR: We love OkCupid. Since creating accounts on there, we have discovered more Fetlifers (Kinksters) than on Fetlife itself.  In this case, it is a little ironic that a dating site so proud of being open to various relationship forms makes assumptions on the behavior of its users.   Besides, if they really loved me they would know to bring chocolate cake instead.

Jon shares his Sexpertise on Erotic Talk Radio

Microphone-iconJust Jon shared his kinky swinging sexpertise the other day on "Erotic Talk Radio."  Hear how he sounds on the other side of the interview

Hint: he sounds like a sexy dude who knows what he's talking about!

Update: Because of how the way the "Blog talk radio" system works, it seems like the episode is no longer available in the search engine.    Also: The sound quality is really bad, which is typical of  blog talk radio as well.

Working Out Our Rules: Why We Like Being in the Same Room

bigstock-woman-s-hand-holding-a-satin-s-26363675When the Captain and I filled out our first profile on a lifestyle website we hadn't given a lot of thought to our rules yet.  One thing we knew right away was that we prefer to be in the same room.

Why might a couple in the lifestyle like to play in the same room? There are a number of different reasons:

1. The category "same room only" probably in lots of cases appeals to a certain comfort level.  Lots can happen during a sexual encounter with someone other than your partner.  Having your partner nearby within earshot and eyeshot can be reassuring. It  helps you feel safe and helps you to know that your partner is safe. Especially if we are in a new environment or with new people, this kind of reassurance means a lot to me and helps me relax.

2. Trust might influence your decision about same room or different room play.  It's a big deal for most couples to open up their relationship to sexual play with other people.  It can and often does mess with your emotions. Jealousy and insecurity can sometimes set in even with couples who are usually not jealous or insecure.

Your partner is off playing in the next room with someone else and your mind can start to wander -- What are they up to?  Is their play partner a better lover than you? Why are they alone? Isn't that kind of intimate? Playing in the same room can help keep those feelings at bay.

If you know what your partner is doing and she or he is doing it right in front of you, there is less reason for your mind to concoct all sorts of scenarios that trigger suspicion or insecurity.  The Captain and I don't normally have trust issues or need to deal with jealousy, but it's not completely out of the realm of possibility that this sort of thing could sneak into the picture if we regularly started to play separately.  Of course, it is up to each couple to determine what their own emotional constitution is like and take it from there.

3.  Same room play adds spice.  Rather than thinking of same room only play as a cautious limit, we think of it more as catering to our reasons for being in the lifestyle in the first place. For us (and this is not the same for everyone), we each had fantasies of watching and being watched.  Being with other people in the same room allows us to fulfill those fantasies.  What a bonus!

As we explained in Episode 05 when we talked about different definitions, the Captain is into "hot wifing." He gets aroused when he sees me enjoying myself with others. We like to make eye contact when we're with other people. We also get into a little bit of dirty talk (okay, I'm blushing now). We can't do that when we're not in the same room, and that immediately takes away from our mutual pleasure. For us, the arousal factor increases tremendously when we're together with others.

Once at a party, I was with someone who was not comfortable playing in a group setting. He wanted to go off to a different room. I'd never done that before but I checked with the Captain and he said "okay."  So off I went, but I simply could not focus my attention. I kept looking at the door, trying to peer into the other room to see what the Captain was up to. This wasn't because of trust, but because for us, that's a big part of the fun.

We have only two rules that for the most part guide our decisions in the lifestyle.  Rule #1 is that we like to be inclusive, that is, play should involve pleasure for both of us. We both need to feel as if we are a part of the fun, not apart from it.  That usually means we're in the same room.  Rule #2 is that whatever we do, we do it to enhance our relationship and our sexual enjoyment. If one of us is not digging what's happening, or if it's having a negative impact on us as a couple, then it's not okay.

The Captain comes first for me, and me for him. When we lose sight of that, we're in dangerous waters and we need to take a step back and remember what our motives are. Yes, it's exciting to get turned on by new people and yes, that can make us silly at times. But in the end, this is not about falling for other people. We need to keep our emotional attachments in check.

We like these rules because they are not overly rigid. They allow that under certain circumstances, things we don't normally do might be permitted. For example, I spent a weekend in San Francisco a couple of months ago and he gave me a hall pass.  One condition of it was that I would come back with some hot video tape of my adventures.  I didn't capture everything on tape, but I managed to get enough to honor our agreement and stay within the spirit of our rules.

If you are in the lifestyle as a couple, you need to spend some time figuring out what you enjoy and where your comfort lies with respect to playing together and playing apart. I've met lots of people who are comfortable playing apart and lots who would prefer to play together or at least be able see and hear each other.

It's a really personal choice. For us, we found that thinking about our motivation for wanting to swing helped us get clear about why we like being in the same room.

In defense of "labels"

people_labelsThe usage of labels in our various lifestyles is something that I have been mulling over for quite a while.  Lately we have heard multiple podcasters talk about them in various ways, so when the infamous (but always quite lovely)  Swap Fu team wrote about "My problem with the term Progressive Swinging," I felt inclined to add my own sentiments.

Before I reply to the specific critiques of the blog post, lets look at the bigger pictures.   What do we really mean with the word "label?"


1. a piece of paper, card, or other material attached to an object to identify it or give instructions or details concerning its ownership, use, nature, destination, etc.; tag
2. a brief descriptive phrase or term given to a person, group, school of thought, etc. the label "Romantic'' is applied to many different kinds of poetry
3. a word or phrase heading a piece of text to indicate or summarize its contents

Of course, neither Wikipedia or the old dictionary are the boss of us, but this does reflect our intrinsic feeling on these.  They are tools to help communicate a certain set of attributes, not definitions by themselves.   If somebody calls something a "car," we won't know if that thing is a Mini Cooper or a Hummer,  hybrid or diesel-powered, but we will know that it is not a lawnmower or a pony.

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