24: Fetish & Fantasy: Spanking asses and taking names


fetishfantasylogoLike every year, Jon and SinD hit Vegas.... quite literally.   During the annual Fetish and Fantasy ball, they volunteer to spank the multitude of party-goers that show up and this huge "rave".

During the pre-game events there was (swinger) partying going on in both the Hard Rock hotel and the Rumor hotel. A friendly Mistress rented out the "swinger suite" (we kid you not) and the neighboring rooms for an epic swinger/kink party. from bondage to spankings to rough sex and latex, every fetish was explored in detail.

We give our reports and we interview over a dozen people and get their colorful opinion.  We talk to everybody from pro-dommes, experts in spankings, pain-sluts to wide-eyes clueless newbies, from  the polyamarous to the horny bastards.
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23: The O Zone and TABOTA: Sexy fun in Toronto and a sneak peek at Valentine's in Niagara


O Zone Swingers clubKinky black latexProfessor Tea and the Captain interview Matt and Amanda, owners of Toronto's O Zone swingers' club and the couple behind TABOTA (Take a Bite of the Apple) couples events.  They tell us how they got started planning lifestyle events, how the O Zone adult club came to be, give us a sneak preview of "Valentine's in Niagara" swingers event, and give us the good on their famous Teddy Bare Picnic and the exciting new swing lifestyle resort, Hedo North.

Captain and Professor Tea return to O Zone later on that cold, snowy night for some hot fun. Let their club report entice you to check it out!

And a special secret that we didn't mention:  the Blissbringers team will be at VIN and doing some sexy workshops!  Join in the fun with a hands on couples workshop on the 15-minute orgasm with Captain and Professor Tea, tell your naughty confessions to Reverend Jon, and for all you sexy women, discover your feminine power with Mistress SinD and Professor Tea in their session "Walk, Talk and Touch: Harnessing the Feminine Sensual Power" (for women only). Oo la la!

21: International Swingers Month at Desire


International Swingers MonthWhen we found out that our favorite resort, Desire Cancun is doing an “international swingers month“, we had to find out more! We called up Mario, who organized it, to get all the details.

We love Desire Resorts Cancun because of the terrific atmosphere they create for everybody in the swingers lifestyle (or the just curious).  From newbie to veteran, everybody is welcomed.


Desire Resort & Spa is a unique couples only resort, the first and only of its kind in Mexico, that located on Cancun’s Riviera Maya, will surround you with amazing landscaping and a deliciously erotic atmosphere to unleash your imagination and stimulate your senses. A place of freedom where fantasies become real, a place to abandon inhibitions and truly be you. Imagine sharing this paradise with like-minded couples who also seek a sensuous, clothing optional upscale venue or an adventurous lifestyle experience.

Check out the Desire website for information on other events, like “threesome month”.

Also see our previous episodes on Desire.

18: Cold Steel & Hot leather Sex Toys: behind the curtain with podcasters Boris & Doris


BorisDorisLogoWe finally get to interview "Boris and Doris",  the infamous naughty podcasters/sex toy makers/ice-hockey players and Mario kart champions!

We talk about everything from swinging, shiny stainless steel toys customized for Doris's vagina, custom floggers, and the adventures in raising children with inquisitive minds.

Find them on Kasidie /Fetlife : BorisNDoris

In the Live Luscious Lab, we test drive new toys made by Boris and Doris:  the Gemini and a new modified version of the Capricorn.  Our stunt bunny, "Cat" shares her smiling feedback.

7: Just Ask Julie Chats about Swinging and How Not to be a Wallflower


Captain and Professor Tea interview "Just Ask Julie," founder of the Swingers Board and author of the Swinger Manual about her website, the book, how swinging has changed since she started the Board 15 years ago, and how not to be a wallflower. The Luscious Lab explodes this week with the fifteen-minute orgasm, take 4 -- it just gets better!

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4: Domming with Mister Bill


BDSM CollarWe have an in-depth interview with Mister Bill, and experienced dominant in the BDSM scene.  He explains the historical meaning, and practical implementations.  We discuss "What is BDSM", "spanking", "power play" and the differences between the BDSM/kink scene and the kink scene and how single men get treated in each lifestyle.  There is also the question of whether  polyamory is common in BDSM relationships?

The professor finds alternative ways to use her WeVibe vibrator in our luscious labs.
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2: Baring it all


Desire NudismIn this episode:

  • Professor Tea and the captain take us back in time, to the first report of their "Nude resort trip" in a more "prudish" era.  She talks first-hand about the visit to "Desire Cancun Mexico", a resort for nudists and swingers alike.  We visit the fear and excitement behind this first-time adventure, and how one comes to deal with body-image issues and the swinger scene.
  • SinD and Jon report about their "Candy's" adventure, a local swing club.
  • News about Midori's art exhibition.
  • our new voicemail line 231 62-BLISS.
  • Experiments with blowjobs.

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On Getting the Party Started with a Card Game


Swinger parties are sex parties. We all know that.  But even if everyone knows what will ultimately happen, someone needs to start the action.

It's not always easy to know when or how to get things going.  Sometimes, people are coy, maybe not wanting to seem overly eager (why not?).  We are not all equally gifted at getting things going.

We've been to a few house parties in our local scene where you've got a whole bunch of sexy people in a room, drinking and chatting and chatting and drinking. And a couple of hours later you still have a whole bunch of sexy people hanging out, chatting and drinking, drinking and chatting.

No one wants to make the first move.   Or a couple of people slip away quietly upstairs, which is fine, but for some of us (me), the real fun happens when the sex starts happening right there and everyone is a part of it.

Slipping away to another room might have its place, but it's a sex party, dammit. Where’s the orgy? Yes, flirting and foreplay is hot. It makes me wet, gets me excited about the prospect of who I have my eye on to play with later. It's all a part of the fun.  But let’s assume that most of us want to move on from appetizers to the main course and dessert.

Recently, on an eight day sailing vacation with five sexy swinger couples, a sixty foot catamaran, and day after day of pristine waters, beautiful coves, and perfect winds, we experimented with a few different ways to get the party started. Continue reading